10 Reasons a Social Media Marketing Calendar = Marketing Success

When it comes to a successful social marketing strategy, there’s always a story to be told and planning is everything.  Creating and adapting original content for distribution is already something you have mastered but churning out good, quality content is not enough to have you rise above the “noise”. Having a social media marketing calendar in place will help you keep your team organized to collectively build your customer loyalty.


You can go the old fashioned route by creating a content list but this won’t get you far in really seeing how that content needs to change or adapt to the ever evolving social media marketing world. You want to be able to visualize your social media content distribution throughout the year and year-over-year. Just using a long laundry list of ideas won’t give that overview.


If you want to be heard above all the digital marketing “noise” you will need a clear strategy across all social media marketing platforms. Then it’s not only a matter of being heard but also having your story resonate so people act on what they heard.


Creating a social media marketing calendar means you have to pay attention to context and is important for relating your story by:

  1. Planning social media content around key events or important dates to support marketing initiatives
  2. Creating consistency of content to make sure all internal marketing teams are on the same page for all content marketing across all social media marketing platforms
  3. Focusing on ‘need’ areas (more weekend leisure travel, more weddings, etc.) so you reach your goals
  4. Allowing multiple hotel departments and vendors to work together (Food & Beverage, Front Desk Manager, Social Media Agency, PR agency, Ad agency, etc.)
  5. Avoiding duplication or repetition of content
  6. Providing a comparison year over year against which you can move holiday/annual hotel events according to any changes
  7. Helping your viewers know what and when to expect things from your hotel by developing consistency in content posting.
  8. Making sure your content is ready in time to publish
  9. Recognizing any gaps in your plan that need attention with time to make any corrections.
  10. Giving your audience good, quality content to share on a consistent basis to build customer loyalty.


Social media content marketing calendars are an important part to a successful marketing strategy. It now needs to be created and there are a vast amount of choices available.  You can create a calendar using any spreadsheet application (Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.). Or you can find a free one through an online search. Of course you need to make the choice based on your hotel needs and resources but basic information that should be on your calendar should include: Separating the information by social network and by month as well as content subject headline/category, date/time to post/distribute, content owner/author, content format type, URLs etc.


So start planning and let your story be heard! The results will no longer make your planning seem overwhelming but keep you on top of your game and help make your hotel the “it” place to be!