10 ways to measure a social media campaign

Interesting article on econsultancy about
how to successfully measure social media campaigns. Chris Lake who
wrote the article takes an interesting approach in that he says:

Rather than focusing on the smaller, campaign-specific
metrics, such as traffic from Twitter or the number of fans on
Facebook, wouldn’t it be better to look at how it helps to shift the
most important business KPIs, such as sales, profits, as well as
customer retention and satisfaction rates? To do this effectively,
you’ll need to give your social media strategy time. Like a good wine,
it needs to breathe. In doing so you will be able to look at your
overall business performance, as well as the performance of your social
media campaigns over the duration. 

I like this advice. It is too easy these days to throw up a Facebook
campaign, churn through some money with no results and say that
advertising on social networks does not work. Social marketing works
best when brands engage with their audience. And to do that takes time!

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