Click Fraud On The Rise

According to the latest Click Fraud Index (CFI), from Click Forensics,
which monitors over 1,300 online advertisers and their agencies, the
overall industry average click fraud rate for Q2 was 14.1%.



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Free SEO Webinar A Huge Success

Last Thursday we rolled out our on-demand webinar covering the topic of Search Engine Optimization.  This 45 minute on-line webinar was a great success with over 500 hoteliers downloading the webinar.  Of course our Internet Marketing Club members have first dibs on all webinars, but we’re now offering it to everyone.

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Google Evokes Praises

During the quarter ended June 30, Google collected $2.5 billion in revenue, up 77 percent from the same period last year.

Ninety-nine percent of Google’s revenue came from online
advertising. In comparison, Yahoo reported advertising revenue of $1.38
billion, up 27 percent, according to reports.

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Google To Sell Radio Advertising??

Leave it to Google to try to take over your offline advertising & marketing campaigns.  While their print advertising program has not bee a huge success, Google is going to use its acquisition of DMarc Broadcasting to into radio advertising. 

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Yahoo! Social Networking With Trip Planner

Yahoo! is taking it’s community based travel site to next level with the announcement that Trip Planner is out of BETA testing and ready for prime time. Some of the neat features in their general release includes:

  • Yahoo! search integration
  • Trip journals with blogging and photos from Flickr
  • And the biggest feature – a travel recommendations engine based on travel search history

Trip Planner also features rich user generated travel content which makes it most useful.  Have look for yourself. 

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Free SEO Webinar July 20

Lodging Interactive announced today its plans to offer
an online Webinar covering the topic of Search Engine Optimization for
hoteliers. The Webinar will be delivered on July 20, 2006 and is free
to all Lodging Interactive Internet Marketing Club Members.

Topics covered in the online SEO Webinar include:


  • Defining Search Engine Optimization
  • Demystifying Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • SEO – In-House vs. Agency Outsourcing
  • SEO Tools & Resources to Keep You in the Know


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Google Gets Tougher With AdWords Landing Pages

You have been warned!  Google is now paying close attention to your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) landing pages to make sure the landing pages are relevant to the clicked PPC advertisement.  So if you happen to be buying your competitor’s hotel name as a keyword only to send people to your site in hopes of diverting business your way, you’d better think about changing your strategies.

While it makes sense from Google’s perspective, is it really a good idea to let Google determine what they deem is relevant to your hotel?  Especially if Google itself positions itself to sell travel in the future?  What do you think? Let us know.

Starwood Introduces New Community Site

So it now looks like even hotel companies are getting into Social Networking. has launched it’s new site which includes a community networking component.

Designed as a global community that consumers can belong to, the new
site invites visitors to share stories, tips and photos about their
best travel finds, destination favorites and passion for travel.

Have a look at the site, looks more like a Social Network site than a hotel booking site.

Click here to visit the Sheraton site

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to and see their room rates along with other brands? Sort of like a Kayak or SideStep on the brand site.  Humm…stay tuned.