Lodging Interactive Offers Hotel Marketing Guidance In A Soft Economy

We are hearing some concerns from our clients about the various
projections about the soft economy.  Most projections and actual
indications are that our overall economy will slowdown in 2008 due to a
number of consumer related reasons such as gas prices, mortgage
foreclosure and labor cut backs.  With this said, the projections for
the travel and hospitality industries are still moderately good, but
the slowdown in consumer spending will affect certain market segments.
Revenue and sales projections are being adjusted slightly downward.
With the latest news in mind, it is not all gloom and doom but it is a
good time to review your initial 2008 sales projections and marketing

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We’ve Launched Our New Optimized Calendar of Events for Hotels

We’re very excited about the launch of our latest service, HotelCalendars.  It’s a great way for hotels to leverage local events & points of interest on their website as well as on the major Search Engines.   

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Research Recap

Consumers are spending more and more time online and less time with
traditional media, like TV and newspapers. But what do people want from
the Web sites they visit? To find out, Forrester Research asked more
than 5,000 online consumers what content and functionality they’d most
like to see.

Link: Research Recap.

500 Million Internet Users in Asia-Pacific – eMarketer

According to recent estimates
there were 6.6 billion people in the world in 2007. Of that number,
1.15 billion, or 17.5%, were regular
Internet users. By 2012, eMarketer projects that over 1.7 billion
people worldwide (24.5%) will access the Internet at least once per

Link: 500 Million Internet Users in Asia-Pacific – eMarketer.

Ask.com Scales Back in Makeover

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – In a dramatic
about-face, Ask.com is abandoning its effort to outshine Internet
search leader Google Inc. and will instead focus on a narrower market
consisting of married women looking for help managing their lives.

As part of the new direction outlined Tuesday, Ask will lay off about 40 employees, or 8 percent of its work force.

Link: Ask.com Scales Back in Makeover.

Hospitality Net – Industry News – Travel & Tourism Leaders Forecast Continued Growth For 2008

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Despite repercussions of the ongoing
global credit crunch, Travel & Tourism leaders today revealed that
the industry will moderately be impacted and signaled continued growth
rates for 2008 at a reduced pace.

Link: Hospitality Net – Industry News – Travel & Tourism Leaders Forecast Continued Growth For 2008.