A New (Fighter) Jet for Google’s Founders?

A New (Fighter) Jet for Google's Founders? – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com.

A company controlled by Google's top executives, including its billionaire founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, appears to have added a new plane to its well-equipped fleet: a fighter jet, or more precisely a Dornier Alpha Jet. According to Wikipedia, the Alpha Jet is a a light attack jet and advanced trainer aircraft manufactured by Dornier of Germany and Dassault-Breguet of France.

Social Media Presence – Why You Need One — Social Media Optimization

Nearly six out of 10 Americans who use social media interact with
companies on social media web sites, according to a September 2008
study by conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for Cone.

Social Media Presence – Why You Need One — Social Media Optimization.

We Offer Thoughts Regarding Hotel Marketing in ’09

We can all agree that 2009 will be a challenge for the hospitality industry in most markets. How many articles have we seen about marketing in a down economy that just fan the flames of concern?  Of course there is a concern, but there can be opportunities as well. 

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Google Rallies Embattled Travel Marketers

With the travel industry already feeling the
pain of the economic downturn, Google on Wednesday convened more than a
hundred travel marketing executives at TravelThink 2008 to offer
strategies for boosting business, as well as to get feedback.

Link: MediaPost Publications – Google Rallies Embattled Travel Marketers – 10/09/2008.

Travelocity says 66% of surveyed cutting back on travel

SOUTHLAKE , Texas (Oct. 8, 2008)
– According to the latest poll from Travelocity®, 66 percent of
respondents say concerns about the economy will affect their holiday
travel plans. Despite their worries, 78 percent plan to travel for at
least one of the upcoming holidays.  When compared to last year, poll
findings revealed a significant change in how travelers are getting to
their destinations: 12 percent fewer respondents are opting to drive to
their holiday destinations while only 2 percent more people said they
would fly.

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