300+ Helpful Tips on Using Social Media

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Lodging Interactive Launches HotelWebShows – Economical Video Tour & Distribution Solution For The Hospitality Industry


Lodging Interactive, a leading interactive marketing agency servicing
the hospitality industry announced the launch of HotelWebShows, its
economical video tour solution for the hospitality industry. 
HotelWebShows afford hotels the ability to offer virtual tours from
still imagery, without traditional costly video production.

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May 2009 – Chatter Guard Benchmark Monitor Report is Out

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On average, U.S. hotels were relatively stable for the month of May, posting no strong gains or losses. The only exception was in the reviews of Facilities, which posted 5.7% gains (from 3.77 to 3.98). In general, luxury hotels and extended hotels were hit the hardest, posting strong declines. Upscale hotels stayed relatively stable, while the Mid-Range Hotels (both full and limited service) posted strong gains. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being “fantastic” and 1 being “poor,” the average hotel goer reported slight gains in Resultant Quality, from an average of 3.61 in April 2009 to 3.63 in May 2009. Dining experiences improved by 2.68% (3.36 to 3.45), and the Facilities rating, as stated earlier, increased substantially. The average Housekeeping scores posted only a slight loss, slipping by less than 1% (3.50 in April 2009 to 3.47 in May 2009), while Staff scores stayed stable (increasing from April’s 3.75 to May’s 3.76). The sharpest average declines for all hotels were in Rooms and in Value: visitors rated the quality of rooms 1.33% lower (from 3.76 to 3.71), and the sense of value fell 3.12% from April’s 3.52 to May’s 3.41.

Deadly Sins of Email Marketing for Luxury Hotels

When email first bounded onto the scene
marketers called it the 'killer app', email would revolutionize
marketing, allow luxury hotels to economically reach out and touch each
customer and prospect, create a dialogue, build relationships and
ultimately provide a steady stream of loyal guests immune from
competitive pressure. 

It would level the playing field allowing smaller independent hotels to effectively compete with the Goliath chain hotels.

far too many small luxury hotels have never seen email marketing live
up to its true potential.  Failing to effectively tap into the full
power of email has all too often meant it is relegated to “just another
way” to try to fill last minute rooms. 

Deadly Sins of Email Marketing for Luxury Hotels. – Sunday, 17th May 2009 at 4Hoteliers.

June 2009 – HotelCast 2.0 Podcast is Published


We just published our 2nd Quarter HotelCast 2.0 Podcast.

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Best Practices from YouTube

YouTube video search uses a variety of signals to determine the
placement of a video in our rankings, including the video file name,
title, and any associated metadata.  The more information provided
about a video, the better it can be searched.  In general, we strive to
give the best possible objective video result. That said, here are some
best practices that you can use to help your videos rise:

Best Practices from YouTube.