How to Avoid the Social Media Catch-22

One of the most frustrating moments for a marketing manager is being
required to answer the question, “so why isn't this social media thing
working?” from a company stakeholder. If that's you, you're not alone,
as so many companies, large and small, desperately want to see a return
on investment in this wondrous channel called “social media.” After
trying it out, many people are wondering what all the hype is about.

the fact that many of companies are realizing success using tools like
Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, other companies are not. There are of
course several reasons why this is the case, but success or failure
always starts with planning and strategy – or lack thereof.


6 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking

When thinking about your social media strategy, you should be planning for 6 important metrics. What are the six? There are 3 different levels of social media participation and 2 different types of metrics. Put them in a 3 x 2 metrics, and you get six.

Here’s the rundown on the 3 social media engagement aspects to measure:

  • Activity – Any metrics relating to actions your organization is taking on social media: blogging, tweeting, posting, promoting, etc.
  • Interaction –
    This category’s metrics focus on how your audience is engaging with
    your social media presence: followers, comments, likes, sharing, user
    created content, etc.
  • Returns – This group
    accounts for where your social media activities directly or indirectly
    support measures driving successful organizations: revenue creation
    (and the activities that lead up to it), cost minimization (along with
    activities to help achieve it), and other critical financial
    performance metrics.


Chatter Guard Social Media Monitor Report – June 2010 – Has been Published


Lodging Interactive, a
leading interactive marketing agency servicing the hospitality industry
and the publisher of the free Chatter Guard Monthly Benchmark Monitor
Report has released its May 2010 report.

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Without May’s extraordinary performance for Extended Stay hotels, there wasn’t much left to buoy up the overall averages for June. Just as we saw in May, June saw a notable dip in almost every category. Hopefully, customer satisfaction will heat up with the weather. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being “fantastic” and 1 being “poor,” the average lodger indicated a 6.87% drop in Resultant Quality Score (3.64 to 3.39), a 12.57% decrease in Dining (3.74 to 3.27), and a 5.74% drop in Facilities ratings (4.01 to 3.78). The only improvement was in the category of Housekeeping (last month’s loser), which rose 3.52% (3.41 to 3.53).Room satisfaction saw an 8.55% decline (3.51 to 3.21), a 7.67% decrease in Staff reviews (3.78 to 3.49), and a 7.12% dip in Value (3.37 to 3.13).

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Social Media Touted as an Almost Magical Answer for Arizona’s Wounded Tourism Industry – But It’s Not Necessarily a Cheap One

SOCIAL MEDIA — Facebook, Twitter, blogs and
the like — are a free and almost magical answer for a wounded tourism
industry, but not necessarily a cheap one.

That was the message at a seminar on social media held Tuesday
during the Arizona Governor's Conference on Tourism at Loews Ventana

Using social media, particularly those geared toward smart
phones and other portable Internet devices, can tell a vast audience of
potential customers about a hotel or restaurant — and also tell the
proprietors a lot about their customers. But success requires constant

via, By Dan Sorenson, The Arizona Daily Star

5 ways travel is using social media

It’s easy to get swept up in the buzz of social media.
Everyday there is another new and exciting social media story to hit
the news. The question remains: how are travel companies really using
social media to add value?

Here are 5 ways that EyeforTravel recently found travel companies to be succeeding:-


Google building a Facebook rival?

Google is working on a social service to rival Facebook, if Web rumors
are to be believed. And while Google's social-networking efforts have
so far fallen flat, even satisfied Facebook users should hope that the
search engine's efforts bear fruit.

In the past week, rumors have swirled around the possibility of a new
Google-developed Facebook-killer. But given the company’s long (and
sometimes rocky) relationship with social networking, the development
of such a site is likely to be anything but straightforward.


Facebook Makes Headway Around the World

"Sergey Brin, a Google founder, takes issue with people who say Google has failed to gain a foothold in social networking. Google has had successes, he often says, especially with Orkut, the dominant service in Brazil and India.

Facebook’s homepage at an Internet cafe in New Delhi. A year ago, Orkut was the dominant social site in India, but Facebook has caught up.
Mr. Brin may soon have to revise his answer.

Facebook, the social network service that started in a Harvard dorm room just six years ago, is growing at a dizzying rate around the globe, surging to nearly 500 million users, from 200 million users just 15 months ago…"

via Miguel Helft,

CoMMingle Offers Free Social Media Marketing Audit

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