The Distribution Dilemma – New distribution channels are emerging seemingly every day. But are they relevant and do you need to be there? Here’s your answer.

Yes, it’s come down to this. Distribute or die.

OK, so that may be a little dramatic but no one care argue the fact
that consumers are seeking to book hotel rooms through new and emerging
channels. And hoteliers that aren’t in a space the guest is in when he
or she finally makes that decision to buy, well, then, you’ll be stuck
on the sidelines.

Suddenly new channels seem to appear out nowhere and everywhere all at
once. For example, did you know that Facebook pages are now linking
directly linking to booking engines? Well it’s those making the smart
shift to these new arenas that are capturing more reservations. Oh
yeah, and they’re avoiding third party booking fees too. Now that’s a

via Glenn Haussman,

How to Get the Best Out of Your Online Social Networking

"New resources are created and new things are invented on the internet
and people/smart businesses utilize them to make millions of dollars
online. There was a time when everyone was talking about making
millions using mini sites. Now, social networking is something that is
helping people generate more sales than they had ever imagined before.
If you want to give your business a powerful push and increase your
sales significantly, you need to start networking now…


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Google Launches July 4 Fireworks Early, Buys ITA Software | Forrester Blogs

In a move that had been speculated about since April, on July 1 Google announced  it had entered into an agreement to buy Cambridge, MA-based ITA Software for $700 million — thus launching its own round of business fireworks ahead of the US July 4 holiday.


From all of us at Lodging Interactive/CoMMingle, Happy Independence Day!

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If You Only Do *Three Things in Social Media

"As noted earlier, “Social Media Monitoring” is the ONE THING every
company ought to be doing in Social Media.  “Setting a Social Media
Policy” is #2.  What’s the next biggest priority?


via PR Squared by Todd Defren