Facebook Unveils a Service to Announce Where Users Are

introduced a long-anticipated service called Places on Wednesday that
could help the company tap local and small-business advertisers and
sharpen its competition with Google.

Facebook’s Places borrows heavily from location-based social networks
like Foursquare and Gowalla, which allow users to check in at places and
broadcast their location to friends. But those companies, as well as
others like Yelp, said they saw Facebook’s Places as a complement to their own services and as an opportunity to gain additional distribution.

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SEO and Integration With Social Media

"Social media has forced its way into the world of marketing, and it's
here to stay. Social networks and blogs are among the most popular
online activities, and their popularity will continue to grow as more
businesses utilize them to directly engage customers.

  • Facebook currently has over 500 million users – more than the combined populations of the United States, Germany, and Japan.
  • There are currently 133 million blogs that average 900,000 posts a day, according to Technorati.
  • YouTube will serve 75 billion video streams to 375 million unique
    visitors this year. Users now upload more than 24 hours of content every
    minute, according to YouTube.

Social media is big – and getting bigger. Use the power of social
media to support your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy by
integrating basic SEO best practices and using the same keywords you
know work in SEO, in those environments to engage a wider audience and
improve your online presence."

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Yahoo Switches to Bing for Organic Search Results | ClickZ

Following the search alliance it formed with Microsoft last year, Yahoo has announced that Bing is now officially powering all of its organic search results in the U.S. and Canada, meaning webmasters and search-engine optimization professionals need only focus their efforts on one major engine besides market leader Google.

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Google’s Set to Launch Google Me: Should Facebook Be Worried?

There has long been talk that Google is ready to give Facebook a run for its money in terms of the social network space. Now, ZDnet reports that Google is just about ready to launch its "Google Me" social network – should Facebook be worried?

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Welcome to the future, where hotel operations and marketing are one

It is official; the walls on every hotel worldwide are now made of glass
and are completely transparent; the outside world can now see into your
hotel lobby and witness how real guest are treated in the real-world
daily. For those who thought that TripAdvisor had revolutionized the
hospitality industry, be assured that we have so far only seen just the

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CoMMingle Offers Free Social Media Engagement Report To Hotels


PARSIPPANY, NJ , August 17, 2010CoMMingle by Lodging Interactive,
an award winning leading interactive and social media marketing agency
servicing the hospitality industry, today announced that it is offering
its Social Media Engagement Report at no cost to the first 200 hotels
that sign up on its website. The CoMMingle Social Media Engagement
Report captures a hotel’s social engagement on Facebook and Twitter and
is delivered bi-weekly via email.

“We’re offering our CoMMingle
Social Media Engagement Report to hotels in an effort to encourage
hoteliers to advance their social media marketing activities on Facebook
and Twitter to the next level and drive more business,” stated Mr. DJ
Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder & President. “The report
pulls in all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the hotel’s
Facebook and Twitter accounts and presents them in an informative
engagement level report.”

Below are the KPI’s measured in the CoMMingle Social Media Engagement Report which also compares KPI’s month-over-month:




Hotel properties can request their own CoMMingle Social Media Engagement Report online at:



The first 200 hotels can receive the report at no cost for 1 year.

Making customer satisfaction pay in the hotel industry

"In recent years, reports in the business press have questioned the value
of measuring customer satisfaction, suggesting that such research does
not explain or predict financial performance. A new Cornell University
research paper demonstrates now the contrary.

In this report, Cornell University demonstrates that customer
satisfaction research, when designed and executed with the prerequisite
psychometric and statistical rigor, does in fact yield actionable
insights and show clear linkages to actual financial outcomes"

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25 “P”s of Social and New Media Marketing

You probably heard about the 5 "P"s of Marketing:

  •     * Product: The products or services offered to your customers/clients.
  •     * Price: The pricing strategy for the desired profit margin.
  •     * Place: Distribution –getting your product/service to your target market.
  •     * Promotion: Communicating with your customers.
  •     * People: The value of your people and people at large (i.e. influencers)

Now with the New Media the same list has been re-purposed for the social media channels such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare etc. etc.  Some folks talk about the 3 P's some talk about the 4 P's…

But if you think about it, Social Media is different; with Web 2.0 it is no longer a monologue, it's now a dialogue, so there really are more than just a handful P's in Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

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