Facebook Search Now Displaying Top “Liked” Stories from Across the Web

"In today’s world of real-time status updates, search is evolving to account for the social nature of the web. Facebook
is pushing forward in this direction with on-site search functionality
that now displays search results — for Facebook and web content — based
on “Likes” and shares.

Facebook appears to have quietly rolled out
the beefed-up search offering some time over the past few days; it was
first spotted by All Facebook.

From the looks of it, Facebook is ranking results based on how users engage with content via its social plugins.
It’s unclear how Facebook is defining its formula — the formula seems
to account for shares and Likes from a member’s friends as well as
shares and Likes from everyone else to determine an item’s placement."

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Travel industry uses Facebook and Twitter to reach customers

"Booking a flight? Go on Facebook. Running late to the hotel? Send a tweet.

Hotels, airlines and other segments of the
multibillion-dollar travel industry are aggressively tapping into social
media, ramping up their use of online sites such as Facebook and Twitter to build loyalty to their brands."

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Social Media Is Not Free: Here’s Why

"Twitter is free. Facebook is free. Foursquare is free. TweetDeck is
(still) free. Google Alerts is free. So, social media is free, right?
Wrong. Beyond even the obvious costs – designing and building a
Foursquare application, or stepping up to a fee-based listening platform
like Alterian, Collective Intellect, Cymfony, BuzzMetrics, or Lithium's
Scout Labs, social media is far from free.

In fact, social media-based marketing costs real money. While it may
not be millions of dollars for 30 seconds of air time, making sense of
the social Web and really getting it right takes planning, creative
insight, product management, and other internal resources, all of which
have costs associated with them that you may not see at the outset.

One of the mistakes often made when contemplating the addition of
social media to an existing marketing program is failing to account for
the significant amounts of time that are required by a social media
program. For example, if your CEO begins blogging on a regular basis,
what's the cost of that person's time? If your marketing communications
team finds itself staring at 10,000 unfiltered listening results, whose
profit and loss gets hit for the hours associated with sorting them out?
Finally, if Facebook and Twitter are available to employees during work
(and for the record, I think they should be), where does this time get
accounted for?"

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Google tests search that delivers results as you type

"Google is developing a new kind of search capability that delivers the results instantly as you type the letters.

The new experiment was discovered by search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Rob Ousbey, who noticed the results being delivered instantly and then recorded a video to show it. Google confirmed to TechCrunch
that the video is real. It will be interesting to see if the new
capability is launched as a standard part of Google’s search engine. It
could save us all time as we type familiar searches where we know that
the instantly-delivered search result is most likely the one we want to
click on."

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The travel industry goes social

"Welcome to Facebook — population 500 million. That’s about as many users as there are females in India.

So it's not surprising that companies would get around to exploiting the house that Mark Zuckerberg built
sooner or later. That goes triple for travel-related industries, whose
clientele tend to be extremely active on social networks.

Second Porch — an online vacation rental site that lists 4,000
properties in more than 100 countries — existed wholly as a Facebook app
until it launched its own base of operations, secondporch.com,
in June. Browse its listings, and you’re able to navigate between
Facebook profiles of owners and past renters, or see which properties
your current Facebook friends recommend. And likewise, if you make an
inquiry, owners are able to sniff around your profile"

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Link2Brand Empowers Branded Hotels To Manage Their Own Marketing Campaigns – No Website Needed

Lodging Interactive, an award winning interactive and social media marketing agency servicing the hospitality industry, today announced Link2Brand an innovative marketing solution for branded hotels. With Link2Brand hotels can launch their own marketing campaigns without the need of a dedicated hotel website; Link2Brand links directly to the brand's website.

“Our innovative Link2Brand marketing tool solves a long standing issue for branded hotels – how to create short, personalized and descriptive promotional links that seamlessly pass through brand SRP booking codes,” said Mr. DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder and President. “Link2Brand empowers hotels to provide their own local web marketing for events and groups such as soccer tournaments, military reunions and to offer local businesses their own branded links to easily make online reservations. Link2Brand enables hotels to deep link into the hotel brand’s booking engine.”

For example this SHORT link with the hotel’s name:


Sends visitors to this LONG link, deep into the brand’s booking engine and passes through the SRP code “DAYBAR”:


Complete ROI Tracking – With Link2Brand every link counts. All clicks are recorded in real time, and the hotel can simply log into its online dashboard to view click results. Monthly brand website referral reports will detail the number of Link2Brand referrals and revenue.

“We’ve made using Link2Brand so easy to use, hotels and marketers can create their personalized links in less than 60 seconds. Link2Brand can be used on Twitter, Facebook and blogs or micro-sites to drive business,” added Richard Walsh, V.P. Business Development for Lodging Interactive. “Additionally each hotel account can have up to 10 sub-users who can create and track their own unique links.”