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Facebook, Twitter: new roadmap for high-end travel

"Facebook, Twitter and a host of invite-only travel websites are fast becoming a key pipeline for well-heeled travelers as well as the budget-conscious to find hot deals and destinations, according to last weeks ILTM trade fair in Cannes, France."

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Age no longer much of a digital dividing line, says Pew

"It's often assumed that older people generally aren't very digitally savvy — but new research from Pew indicates that older people are becoming about as skilled online as younger ones.

According to the 2010 Generations report from the Pew Internet and American Life project, "The biggest online trend (we found) is that, while the very youngest and oldest cohorts may differ, certain key internet uses are becoming more uniformly popular across all age groups."

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One-third of Brands Converting via Social Media

"With most companies focusing their social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, over one-third (36.1%) say they've been able to make a conversion from initial connection to sale via such social channels, according to a new survey from R2integrated.

Another 25.3% of marketers surveyed who conduct social media marketing say they are getting close to making a sale via social media and 38.1% say they haven't done so at all.

Below, other findings from The Social Media Marketing Survey by R2integrated, based on a survey of 296 marketing professionals who use social media for marketing."

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Six Social Media Trends for 2011

"It was a banner year for social media growth and adoption. We witnessed Facebook overtake Google in most weekly site traffic, while some surveys reported nearly 95% of companies using LinkedIn to help in recruiting efforts. In my outlook for last year, I cited that mobile would become a lifeline to those looking for their social media fixes, and indeed the use of social media through mobile devices increased in the triple digits."

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How to use negative reviews to effect positive change in your hotel

"With the increasing popularity of user-generated reviews, hoteliers may lament the loss of control over what is being said about us online, but we’re still in full control of how we react. In his latest article, Daniel Edward Craig offers some suggestions for using negative reviews to effect positive change in your hotel."

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TripAdvisor upset over lost Google traffic

"TripAdvisor, whose top source of traffic is Google, acknowledged that its traffic from Google dropped by more than 10%, on a seasonally adjusted basis, since mid-October – just before Google announced the latest change to the way its search engine shows information about local businesses."

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More on TripAdvisor blocking Google

"If you're looking for an explanation for TripAdvisor shunning the potential of reaching out to Google's many visitors, it helps to examine its family tree, writes The Motley Fool, in linking the event with Expedia's recent activities around FairSearch.org."

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Google Places blocked from using TripAdvisor reviews

"Now here is an interesting development – Google is no longer able to stream in reviews from TripAdvisor to Places pages after the user review giant blocked it.

TripAdvisor confirmed the move today in an email, stating that while it continues to evaluate recent changes to Google Places it believes the user does not benefit with the “experience of selecting the right hotel”.

“As a result, we have currently limited TripAdvisor content available on those pages,” an official says.

The only mention at this stage is of Google Places – but this could quite feasibly extend to Maps or elsewhere (an initial search found no TripAdvisor reviews on Google Maps).

TripAdvisor reviews of hotel properties, alongside reviews from other providers, were streamed in as part of bitesize summaries of individual reviews, with a link to follow in order to read the full review on the TripAdvisor site."

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