Increase Booking Conversions with One Simple Step – Add FAQs to Your Website

Your hotel has a restaurant . . . does it serve menu items that are gluten free? The Titanic Exhibit is in town . . . what does it cost to get in and how long is the exhibit open? The resort offers three pools . . . are there lifeguards on duty and are pool floats permitted? These are just a few detailed questions that are on travelers' minds before booking at a hotel, but chances are the answers don't reside on the hotel's website or mobile web . . . until now. is a new service available to hotels from Lodging Interactive that provides comprehensive responses on the hotel's own website to travelers' pressing  — and personalized — questions. The do-it-yourself (DIY) or fully-managed service takes the asked-and-answered task of posting content to Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) pages off hoteliers' shoulders by placing it in the hands of professional online copywriters.

" is designed to increase hotel's conversion rates by giving consumers the information they need to book a reservation," said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive Founder and President. "Questions posed by a business traveler are far different from those questions posed for a family of four on vacation or an international traveler with language limitations. Hotels boasting 'personalized' service need to take a good look at their online FAQ structure. If potential guests have to dig through a website to get the answers they need, chances are likely that they won't make a reservation.

"We knew there had to be a better way to provide instant online information to the masses that also offered a consistent approach to answering important questions," Vallauri said. " is an ideal service in many ways. While it solves the immediate need to increase bookings online, it also provides a forum where guests can ask their own questions and receive reassurances at the time of booking that the hotel will meet their every need. HotelFAQs provides organic SEO value for hotel websites . . . it communicates product and service differentiation . . . it presents opportunities to leverage local events, attractions and exhibits . . .  it documents hotel policies, and . . . it builds ongoing FAQ content."

Elevating Service Differentiation
For years hotels have been going to great lengths to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Social media is helping by enabling hotels to promote services and descriptions across the various social channels, but is it enough?  Guests already know what to expect from the brands and sub-brands they frequent. But what really makes Hilton A different from Hilton B in the same market? Travelers really want to know.  One may cater to the leisure market while the other caters to groups and conventions; one may offer babysitting services while the other offers a 24 hour manned business center. HotelFAQs is the ideal way to highlight the differing service options provided by hotels among the same brand or all hotels in the same market.

As part of its fully-managed service, Lodging Interactive will develop the questions people typically ask the front desk or reservations department, source the answers from the hotel and even allow new questions to be asked by consumers online. All content is optimized to maximize its organic search engine value so the hotel can benefit from a lift in search engine rankings.

"One of the best ways to provide exceptional customer service is to remove any undue stress for employees," Vallauri said. "Having front office staff answer calls with questions from prospective guests not only about hotel services but also about the local area can be frustrating, especially if arriving guests are waiting to check in. Outsourcing the hotel FAQ process is an easy way to give hotel staff the tools they need to do their jobs better. We understand the time constraints that hotel marketers are faced with as they struggle with keeping web content fresh and monitoring the growing number of social media channels. Outsourcing is the ideal solution. will reduce employee stress, cut down on customer calls to the front desk, lessen the delay for customers waiting to get information, and diminish the likelihood that the traveler will book elsewhere."

FAQ pages are dynamic. As such, Lodging Interactive will add a "Check Out Our FAQs" float button for every page of the hotel's website. Standard FAQ categories are what you’d expect such as "Events & Attractions," "Accommodations," "Dining," "Meetings & Conventions," "Local Area Fun," etc., and each hotel can set up an unlimited amount of categories to meet their unique needs. When a traveler clicks on the category, he or she is navigated to the FAQ page that provides details about each topic.

Developed to leverage the value of social media networking, easily integrates into any hotel’s Facebook page and blog.  Fully mobile compatible, enables smartphone users to also benefit from vital FAQ content, thereby supporting and increasing mobile booking conversion rates. is easy to set up and easy to manage. The tool enables hoteliers to:

• Create unlimited FAQs categories
• Create unlimited FAQs in each category
• Upload images in FAQs
• Embed Google Maps in FAQs
• Develop a powerful on-page FAQs Search Engine
• Add unique links to the FAQ page
• Embed iFrame and Float Button code for hotel website
• Receive customer questions and comments
• Enjoy multi-property dashboard management
• Include Google Analytics integration
• Support custom graphic icons

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eNewsletters Proving to be Very Effective for Hotels

While fax machines and snail mail have entered into the "here today, gone tomorrow" category, email newsletters continue to serve as a cost-effective way for hoteliers to provide content and offers that guests will find informative and inviting. Although social Media channels are fast-becoming the preferred eMarketing method for communicating with consumers, 68 percent of marketers agree that eNewsletters are the top email messages, which help to achieve their business goals (Direct Marketing Association National Client Email Report 2013).  Lodging Interactive, a full-service digital marketing and social media engagement agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, has recently developed a Fully Managed eNewsletter Service for hotel marketers with limited resources.

"Hoteliers understand the importance of sending out email newsletters, but finding the time to develop fresh, interesting, and relevant content, is not easy," said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive Founder and President. "We often hear complaints that hotel marketers are scrambling to compile content just moments before deadline, grabbing at last minute news and information, and creating special offers or promotions on the fly just so they have something to promote. Not only is this practice not effective, but it can negatively impact the hotel or its brand marketing message. To be effective, an email newsletter campaign needs to be planned and focused.

"Lodging Interactive has developed an eNewsletter service for hotels that uses professional copywriting, creative design, email list management, distribution and analytics reporting to keep email subscribers opted in, interested and excited," he said. "As a fully managed service, we use our team of skilled bloggers and copywriters to create a dynamic monthly eNewsletter on behalf of the hotel containing inviting content that past, present and prospective customers will look forward to receiving. A carefully crafted monthly eNewsletter that contains consistent messaging will help build loyalty and revenues."

The Lodging Interactive Fully Managed eNewsletter Service includes:

• Email signup widget placed on the hotel's website to build their list
• Email list management of unsubscribe requests and de-duping
• Uploading and cleansing of the hotel's existing email list
• Creative design and development of the eNewsletter
• All copywriting and editing
• Hotel approval of all eNewsletter drafts prior to sending
• Sending of the eNewsletter to the hotel's email lists
• 24/7/365 web-based email performance reporting portal

Fully-Managed Service
The Lodging Interactive eNewsletter service uploads the hotel's email database into its proprietary servers. The entire process is managed on the hotel's behalf, from content creation to distribution. Lodging Interactive also provides data analytics that hoteliers can use to determine the effectiveness of the eNewsletter program. Data, such as the number of eNewsletters sent and opened, the number of click-throughs on embedded links, the number of people who shared the eNewsletter with someone else, and where it was shared on the social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, will be provided in the analytical report.

"Outsourcing the hotel's email newsletter process to Lodging Interactive is the easiest and most professional way to enlist a professionally managed eMail marketing campaign that mirrors the hotel's website and brand imaging," Vallauri said. "Plus, it's being produced, distributed and managed by a team of highly skilled online content experts who are vested in the hospitality industry. Hotels that are struggling to keep up with their eMarketing initiatives will do well by working with an award-winning team who will lead the way."