#AskDJV – Episode 33: ROI vs. ROE

In this week’s episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses your Return on Investment (ROI) vs. your Return on Engagement (ROE) when it comes to social media marketing and what you should expect from your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

This may sound obvious, but not everyone realizes that social media marketing is all about being “social”.   What types of posts do you write on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In? Are people responding to them or are you broadcasting to yourself? Are you gathering followers on a regular basis? Are you following others?

Long Term Relationships

Social Media is all about creating long term relationships. DJ goes into great detail about how to create engaging conversations and viral posts so your readers will share what is going on, instead of just listening to your elevator pitch. Talk to your followers, ask them what they think about your products or services. Speak to them the way you would at a cocktail party. Whatever you do, don’t be the person who runs around asking, “Do you like me?” “Please like me.”   Begging for people to like you isn’t any more becoming online as it is face to face.

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#AskDJV – Episode 32: What you should know about Organic Hotel SEO

Hotel SEO

In this weeks’ episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses the importance of Hotel Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Organic Hotel SEO

Organic Hotel SEO helps you be found in the search engines. Not only for your brand name, but the amenities found in your hotel, the location, types of cuisine, your meetings, events and more. When you talk about hotel seo, you need to dive deeper into what makes your hotel stand out from your competitors. You need to emphasize what makes you unique.

Quality Content

Organic SEO is all about providing quality content to the search engines, but providing that content and writing that content for consumers, not the search engines. In this section, DJ goes into detail about how you can write content that is important to your hotel guests and how the search engines see your content.

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Google rolls out Google Hotel Ads Commission Program

On June 8, 2015, Google rolled out a beta Google Hotel Ads Commission Program. It is a Hotel SEO program in conjunction with Sabre’s SynXis booking engine. Now, whenever a hotel guest uses Google Search, Google Maps or Google+ (and the hotel uses the SynXis booking engine), they will be given the option of booking a room directly from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) instead of having to leave the page or go to a third party OTA site.

The difference between Hotel PPC and Hotel SEO

There is a big difference between Hotel PPC and Hotel SEO. Do not decide to forsake one for the other because of this new program. Currently, you can use Google AdWords for your Hotel PPC campaigns. You are charged a PPC Rate (Pay per click), each time your keyword phrase is “clicked”. The more you pay, the higher your ad appears in the Paid Search Results. With the new Google Hotel organic search results, you pay Google a commission whenever hotel guests book a room. As with all SEO, you cannot pay for placement in the SERPs.

Examples of Hotel “Book” button in Google Maps

You can click on the “Book” button directly from Google Maps without having to leave Google’s Search Results. Below are some examples of how the new hotel seo looks with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) in Google Maps:

  1. Independent Hotel
    Ocean Edge - Google new Booking Engine Results

    Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club Google Map Results with Booking Engine

    In the above example of Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, you simply type in the dates you wish to travel, and if a room is available, you will see the “Book” button, taking you to the below page in Google to complete your transaction.

    Ocean Edge Google Booking Page

    Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club – Google Booking Engine Page

  2. Hotel Vanity Website with multiple OTAs engines in SERPs
    Antlers Hilton with multiple Booking Results

    Antlers Hilton Google Maps Results

    In the above example of Antlers Hilton Colorado Springs hotel, you will see the Brand listed first, then OTAs below it on the page. Notice that the prices are all the same? The “Book” button is also highlighted in blue, making it stand out from the OTAs.Clicking on the “Book” button, takes you to the below page example on Hilton’s website. Once here, you can make choices based upon the “results” you select, making it easier for hotel guests to book their hotel room.
    Hilton Antlers in Google Maps

  3. Hotel Vanity Website with single OTA in SERPsI
    Hilton Daytona Beach 1 OTA Google Maps Results

    Hotel Vanity Website with single OTA in SERPsI

    In the above example of Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanwalk Village, you will see the Brand listed first, then only one OTA below it on the page. Notice that the prices continue to be the same. The “Book” button again, is highlighted in blue, making it stand out from the OTA site.

Example of Hotel SEO Results in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Below in an example of how you can expect to see the hotel displayed when you are in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Notice there is an “Ads” Book a room, and then below where you input the check in/ check out dates, you will see the Brand name (Hilton.com) with a link, directly to their website. There is also a “Book” link which includes the prices from $149.

Anlters SERPs with new Booking Engine

Antlers Hilton Google SERPs

Example of Google+ with new Booking Results Displayed

Antlers Hilton Google+ Booking Engine

Google+ Booking Engine Results Antlers Hilton


When you are on the ABOUT page in Google+, you will see a new tab that says, “Make a Reservation”. Once you enter the dates, a price will appear and again, let you book directly from the hotel itself, instead of having to go to an OTA.

What’s in the future of Hotel SEO?

What can you expect from Google and the future of Hotel SEO? While this initial beta program involves only the SynXis booking engine, we believe that future updates will include other booking engines. It will be interesting to see what happens to OTA’s, once Google implements this across the board for all hotels. One thing is for certain – if your hotel isn’t implementing SEO, now is a great time for you to consider adding Hotel SEO to your marketing campaign.

#AskDJV Episode 31: Hotels can learn from Apple Customer Service

This week’s #AskDJV Episode 31 is a bit unconventional in the fact that DJ Vallauri talks about his recent customer service experience with Apple Computers.  How does this relate to the hospitality industry, you might wonder?  Read on for more insights into customer service.


Hotel Customer Service

Recently, DJ went into the Apple computer store to purchase the Apple Watch.  While the Apple team was pitching him about the watch and explaining all the features and advantages, DJ explained to them that he had purchased another Apple product 30 days ago and that he wasn’t very satisfied with the product.  He knew that it was past Apple’s usually 14 day return policy, but he expressed his concerns anyway.

Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, it isn’t all about you (the hotel hearing the complaint), it is all about your hotel guest and how they feel, what they want and overcoming their objections (or in this case, DJ’s dissatisfaction with a previous Apple product).  You want to do this in a timely fashion, but more importantly, you want your guest to feel like they matter to you.  The ultimate customer satisfaction comes with a positive review and re-booking your hotel.

Quality Customer Service

The way to provide quality hotel customer service is to listen to your guests, ask their opinions, and find ways to make their experience at your hotel even better than they anticipated.  Every hotel has something special that resonates with their guests.  Look for more ways to improve the quality of your customer service, similar to the way Apple did with DJ.

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