Add Pokémon Go to your 2017 Hotel Budget | AskDJV Episode 50

Add Pokémon Go to your 2017 Hotel Budget. No, this is not a typo. If you have watched the news lately or seen people actually playing the game, you know Pokémon Go is hot right now. Want the general name for it? It’s called “Augmented Reality”.

In this week’s episode of the #AskDJV show – episode 50, already, can you believe it? Our own DJ Vallauri talks about augmented reality and how it can enhance your overall bottom line without costing you a fortune. Hoteliers will want to learn how they can increase their revenues, while attracting new audiences to their hotels, restaurants, meetings and wedding venues.

Small business owners will want to hear about the real life examples and how spending a little can go a longer way in marketing your business well into the future.

Marketing Properties via Augmented Reality

Once you’ve watched the video, if you are interested in marketing your properties via augmented reality, contact us today and we will work with you finding the best augmented reality games to represent your hotel or small business. Get in on the ground floor, before your competitors today!

To learn more about the Pokémon Go phenomenon and to take advantage of the business opportunities augmented reality games create, watch Episode 50 of the #AskDJV show today.

The Right to Gripe: Hotel Guest Reviews

Hotel Guest Reviews Feedback Bubbles for written content

Hotel Guest Reviews :

Your hotel’s reputation is everything.  The majority of your guests, if not all, have a computer or mobile device, making it easier to make their feedback go viral.  Most consumers will turn to online reviews to assist in their decision-making process.  It is important to actively monitor and respond to all hotel guest reviews to resolve any issues.

Negative Reviews: If you ignore it, it won’t just go away.

Though some would stay the easiest way to handle negative reviews is to prevent them in the first place.  However, we all know it is impossible to please every guest that stays with you.  When a guest writes a negative review, even if you do not feel it is valid, it is their experience and they want to feel their feedback is not falling on deaf ears.  When you answer a review, it not only lets other readers see that you are interested in providing great customer service, but it is an opportunity to make improvements.

On the flip-side, you can also turn positive reviews from guests into brand champions.  The good news, you have a positive review.  Now what are you going to do to distinguish your hotel from the others, who have also received positive reviews?  By answering your positive reviews, it not only shows your appreciation for their feedback, but it continues the positive experience after they have let your hotel.  By taking the extra step, you can turn your loyal guests to an enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

Hotel Guest Reviews and Search Engines

When responding to a review, it is important for the guest to feel that they can write about their experience from their point-of-view and not be chastised for their feedback.  Whether the review is positive or negative, you always want your guests to feel that they can reach out and discuss their experience.  Reviews do more than just build customer loyalty, they also help improve your ranking on search engines like Google.  The more that is written about your hotel, the more the search engine will consider your hotel’s name to be important.

It is important to remember, that the review was written by a person, with emotions and feelings.  When responding back, it is equally important not to come off defensive.  Let them know that you are thankful that they reached out to you and that you are listening.

Social Media Facts Hoteliers Should Know

In this wide and vast social media marketing land, what do hotelier’s need to know about social media networks to make good marketing decisions? Knowing how people are using these social media networks will help you decide where to focus your social media marketing efforts and dollars.

Consider these recent survey, report and study results:

  • 65% of adults are now using social networking sites according to a Pew Research Center report
  • According to MediaPost, the average person spends more time online than watching television and the largest advertising medium is the Internet.
  • A CMO survey found digital marketing budgets and spending is predicted to grow 12% in the next year
  • In the U.S., an estimated 185 million people use social media in 2016 and forecasted to exceed 200 million by 2020.
  • At least 60 percent of the population in North America has at least one social networking profile.
  • Customer service was the focus of an American Express report of how U.S. customers use social media networks: 50% seek responses to a service issue, 48% praise the company for good service and 46% vent about poor service.
  • A Forrester study showed that 55% of U.S. adults would abandon their purchase if they can’t get a quick answer to their question.

So now the question is: Which network(s) can zone in on your hotel’s targeted audience ensuring successful campaigns? Here are some stats from the more popular social media networks to consider:


  • Facebook now has 1.59 billion monthly users and 91% of them are millennials between the ages of 15 and 34.
  • There are 1.44 billion mobile monthly users on Facebook and mobile accounts for most of their digital ad revenue.
  • 6 percent of Facebook’s daily active users are outside the U.S.
  • YouTube has over a billion users viewing millions of hours of videos every day and reaches out to 18 to 34-year-olds.
  • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile and reach out to 18 to 49-year-olds, more than any cable network in the U.S. and with an average viewing session of 40 minutes.
  • 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside the U.S.
  • Twitter has 310 million monthly active users with 83 percent of them active on mobile.
  • Twitter states they have 1 billion unique visits to sites with embedded Tweets on a monthly basis
  • Instagram just announced that they are 500 million strong and that more than 300 million of these use Instagram every day.
  • For global reach, Instagram says that 80% of their users are outside the U.S.
  • On a daily basis, more than 80 million photos are shared on Instagram with 3.5 billion likes.
  • eMarketer forecasted that Instagram ads would bring an estimated $2.81 billion in mobile ad revenue globally by 2017.
  • Snapchat has recently updated their stats to show 100 million daily users with 10 billion video views per day and a reach to users between the ages of 18 to 34.
  • Nielsen is collecting data on Snapchat video ad views for a comparison to traditional television advertising in their Digital Ad Ratings program.

Any way you slice it, dice it, bake it or grill it, digital marketers need to raise brand awareness and increase engagements that could bring along revenue opportunities. What better way to do this than understanding your audience and using the right social media network to reach them.