Snapchat and Instagram Leading in Chat Usage over Facebook Messenger?

Generation Z as the Next Influencers

According to e Marketer, Facebook Messenger currently dominates the U.S chat app market with 125.4 million users. But the research company recently predicted that Snapchat and Instagram will become the preferred messenger service over Messenger among 18 to 24-year-olds. They also said WhatsApp is up 9.5 percent from 2016 and will have 20.5 million U.S. users by the end of this year.


In light of this forecast, eMarketer lowered Messenger growth projections by 9.4 million users through 2021. But don’t count out Facebook Messenger from the running. The adoption of Messenger by older internet users has been slowly increasing and, according to eMarketer, U.S. monthly users will grow 2.4% this year to 172.9 million people in the U.S. And then let’s not forget that Facebook owns Instagram as well as WhatsApp.


Mobile users on messaging apps.



There will be 2 billion people globally that are expected to use messaging apps by 2018 and will be growing to nearly 2.5 billion by 2021. The number of mobile internet users who have used news, weather, sports or map apps at least once per month will be steadily increasing through 2021.  An average of 20.7 apps per month will be used by Americans this year but as more users choose to combine services into a single or fewer apps, eMarketer expects this number to decline. For example, as large percentages of U.S. users seek out their news through Facebook, news apps usage would see a decline.


Lodging Interactive Smartphone Penetration


The new predictions also include a look at ad spend which show in-app mobile ad spending will account for 80.6 percent of U.S. mobile spending by 2018. Mobile web spending  is growing but its total mobile share is decreasing and ads that only run on mobile apps will rise 29 percent this year to $7.57 billion.


Messaging apps, like social media channels, change as people’s needs change and every generation has different needs and expectations. Baby boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials might currently have the most disposable income but, as Generation Z currently makes up 25% of the U.S. population and accounts for $44 billion of the U.S. economy, they will be the next group of influencers on purchases and – hotel bookings.


As Generation Z matures, they will be the ones using messaging apps to connect with hotels, watch content and browse offers. So when considering your advertising or marketing spend, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the expectations of this future hotel guest. Then you will know what to consider in your content marketing strategy and what messaging app is best to invest your budgeting dollars.

What is the ROI of Human Powered Website Live Chat?

Lodging Interactive, an award winning digital marketing and social media engagement agency exclusively serving the hospitality industry, today offered some insightful looks into the return on investment of live chat for hotels.


“I am often asked by hoteliers what is the return on investment, or ROI, when implementing a live chat service on their website,” stated DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder and President. “Like any new product or service that is leading the way to something new and better for an industry, there is always a hesitation at first, as business operators attempt to justify the return on investment of this shiny, new thing.”


It has often been said that Customer Service is the new marketing for businesses. And for those businesses that can return valuable time to their consumers, studies have shown loyalty and engagement increase between the consumer and the brand for those businesses. This is supported by the fact that, as consumers, we lead increasingly busy and hectic lifestyles. “So time has become the new currency for the way we live,” added Mr. Vallauri.


Hotel operators should be extremely excited with the widely accepted technology and service opportunity known as website live chat. The excitement should stem from the fact that millions of people around the world are very comfortable with the technology and are already utilizing live chat services in other industries such as banking and insurance.  It is very rare to find a technology that has been widely used by millions of consumers around the world and see that same technology having such a profound impact on the return and profitability of a hotel website.


Live Chat Saves Consumers Time and Builds Trust.


Hotel websites have predominately always been a self-service model for consumers. Meaning when a consumer visits a hotel website, they are left on their own to navigate through what may be a complex structure of interlinked web pages in order to find what they are ultimately searching.


For many years website analytics professionals have always looked at the time spent on the website. This KPI or metric measurement has been utilized for the last 15 years as an indication of success when someone remains on your website for an extended period of time. After all, the longer they stay on the website, the assumption is made that they are browsing through all the website content pages finding and enjoying the content.


When in fact many consumers are spending more time than they need to spend on a hotel website because they simply cannot find what they need, quickly and efficiently. This can be evidenced by a couple attempting to research for an upcoming wedding they are planning. During the planning stages they will visit a hotel website to check out the wedding facilities and photo gallery as well as dig through the website to seek out any wedding packages or, better yet, catering menus and pricing. “Many times these activities are not as seamless as they should be, and they take time. And time brings me back to my initial comments of saving time for consumers,” said Mr. Vallauri.


Live Chat Provides Live Sales Assistance. 


According to recent data provided by Forrester, 53% of online buyers are likely to abandon a website if they can’t find answers to their questions quickly. And 44% of consumers stated that having questions answered by a live person is one of the most important features a website can offer.


Live Chat Increases Event RFPs. 


Now consider a hotel website that has a live chat service enabled. The couple arrives at the hotel website and immediately is greeted with a welcome and an opportunity from a real person providing assistance. A conversation ensues. The couple is guided to the exact pages they are looking for, and is even provided with catering menus, wedding packages and pricing by document sharing in real time. Even an entire wedding sales and marketing media kit or PDF document can be shared with the consumer by the live chat agent in real time. This provides instant gratification and savings of time. The conversation continues. The live chat agent offers the couple an opportunity to have someone from the hotel’s catering department contact them immediately or the next day to follow up and answer any questions or check wedding venue availability.


It’s all about instant gratification and saving time for the consumer. Isn’t this what we all want from companies we do business with?


Increase Direct Booking Opportunities. 


Now consider the consumer who is planning to make a direct booking on your website but is confused about the particular view or location of a room. They want to know the difference between an oceanfront room and a partial view oceanfront room.  As they pass through the booking engine, the hotel’s live chat service agent is always available to answer and clarify information for the consumer. Again doing so in real time and with the potential of moving the consumer towards placing the booking rather than leaving the website in total frustration is another opportunity to increase ROI.


And when you think about the real-time marketing opportunities that a live chat service can provide to your hotel website visitors, it really gets exciting.  Live chat agents are always in a position to promote specials, discounted rates or an upgrade, as they engage with the consumer in real time. This can be simply handled by providing the consumer with a specialized booking link or SRP code within the live chat engagement session with the consumer.


Customer Service is the NEW Marketing.


Clearly the way businesses and hotels can differentiate themselves from their competitive sets, is to implement a live chat service on their website. We believe live chat service for hotels will become as ubiquitous as online booking engines have become. When you have a technology that is widely adopted around the world by millions of people, saves time and provides human engagement between consumers and brands, you win the hearts and wallets of consumers, helping to increase your ROI.


Lodging Interactive, through its CoMMingle Live Chat Service, offers 7-day a week live chat services coverage. U.S.A. based live chat agents are all employed by Lodging Interactive and are fully trained to understand the unique attributes of the hotel customers they serve. For more information please visit: or call us at 877-291-4411 extension 701.



About Lodging Interactive

Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Lodging Interactive is a full-service digital marketing and social media engagement and reputation management agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry. Through its web design and search optimization division as well as its CoMMingle Social Media Division, Lodging Interactive provides effective Internet marketing services to hundreds of branded and independent properties as well as management companies, restaurants and spas. CoMMingle has established itself as the largest provider of reputation management services for the hospitality industry, handling over 200,000 guest review responses.  The company also offers fully managed Live Chat agents for hotel websites through its division.

Lodging Interactive is an HSMAI Adrian Award winner, and has won awards from the International Academy of Visual Arts, Interactive Media Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, Web Marketing Association, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, and Travel Weekly’s Magellan Awards recognizing Lodging Interactive as an industry leader.

Lodging Interactive is a proud supporter of the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) and the company’s president, DJ Vallauri, currently serves on the Board of Directors of HSMAI’s New York Chapter and is a Forbes Agency Council contributor. For more information, please contact, 877-291-4411 or visit the company’s website.

Hotel & Travel Inspirations via Instagram

Finding the next adventure through visual imagery on social media


The best travel stories are relayed through visuals. But where once it was common to look for travel inspirations through magazine photos and enticing advertisements, we now use social media to search out those new experiences and adventures.


In today’s social media driven world, interest in a location or hotel is fueled by visual assets shared through social networks. What started out as sharing experiences with peers created communities of people sharing the same interests.  Powerful visuals are incredibly engaging. They can help build an emotional bond between your hotel and your guest that are shared with people within your guest’s networks. And there is great potential for guests to make purchasing decisions based on the emotional connection they make with your hotel.

The Power of Instagram

One of the most powerful tools to tell your hotel story is through Instagram.  With now more than 800 million active users, 8 million Instagram Business profiles and 80% of users following at least one business on this platform, Instagram is satisfying viewer hunger for imagery and, with this, comes the growing influence on travel decisions.


Posts with a location get 79% more engagement and User-Generated Content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate. This gives credence as to why Instagram is such an effective marketing tool.


Lodging Interactive offers hotel twitter and instagram marketing.



Everyone is buried in day-to-day activities and look to the magnificent landscapes and far-away places for a release from the mundane. Photographers take extraordinary photos of beautiful places that leave us breathless. Travelers find a special little nook and hotel nearby that offers a unique experience.


Lodging Interactive offers resorts exceptional hotel internet marketing.



All of these images make us want to be there too. We want to experience and see what the photographer or traveler saw. It’s more genuine than just looking at a magazine, ad, brochure or pamphlet. The visual story shared will be authentic and being authentic is what today’s traveller expects. Going from seeing the visual on Instagram to making a hotel booking is a far cry from what it was a decade ago.

Instagram Influencers

But visuals on Instagram are not only a place to inspire travelers to be or do what others have done but also gives people the desire to create and share their own original adventures. This gives rise to influencers who can provide an incredible ROI.


Through these Instagram visual assets, hotel digital marketers have a great opportunity to tell a unique – impactful story, build guest loyalty, raise brand awareness and increase engagements. So be different than other hotels on Instagram. Leverage your place in this medium – use Instagram Stories or Live videos and tag places in your posts so that it allows people to easily discover your content when searching those places. Dare to be different!