Unique Hotels and Experiences Fascinate Locals & Tourists

Whether it’s a local looking for a fun weekend or a tourist looking for a unique travel adventure, hotels are ramping up the possibilities to fulfill guest needs and expectations for the most unique escapades.


Today’s travelers are not just satisfied with getting the comforts of home through amenities and services during their hotel stay. They want a hotel to give them a singular, distinct experience. With so much competition, hoteliers are becoming inventive, feeding the imagination to create the ultimate guest experience. There is no short supply of hotels that have sparked interest and created the allure for such one-of-a-kind moments.


Imagination is the air of the mind – Philip James Bailey


From cave to ice to underground hotels, you can experience it all. You can stay in a cave hotel like Dreams Cave Hotel  in Turkey. How about The Icehotel made completely of ice in Sweden or the glass igloos of Kakslauttanen Artic Resort in Finland with spectacular viewing of the Northern Lights? Stateside you can stay on board what was once a world-class ocean liner, The Queen Mary, or in an underwater hotel like Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida. How about sleeping in a caboose car at The Red Caboose Motel in Pennsylvania?


Even brand hotels are getting creative by offering entertainment with a unique bent like the new Cachet Boutique in New York City with its soon-to-be revival of the old Playboy Club lounge – bunnies and all. In Los Angeles you have the Onyx Rooftop in the Hotel Shangri-La with its throwback to the 1970’s including a disco dance floor and a 70’s nightclub dress code. On the rooftop of the Dana Hotel & Spa in Chicago, there is Apogee offering beverages made of smoke or edible butterflies.


With so many hotels vying for guest attention, the travel trend today is ‘the more unique the better’. The smaller boutique and independent hotels work especially hard to stand out against brands and, in so doing, not only attract the travelers to their unique hotel but also create opportunities to get those coveted bookings.


From theme related rooms, bars and restaurants to converted historic sites, there is a hotel adventure to spark everyone’s interest that will surely keep guests talking about their stay long after they have checked out. Mission well accomplished!