25 “P”s of Social and New Media Marketing

You probably heard about the 5 "P"s of Marketing:

  •     * Product: The products or services offered to your customers/clients.
  •     * Price: The pricing strategy for the desired profit margin.
  •     * Place: Distribution –getting your product/service to your target market.
  •     * Promotion: Communicating with your customers.
  •     * People: The value of your people and people at large (i.e. influencers)

Now with the New Media the same list has been re-purposed for the social media channels such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare etc. etc.  Some folks talk about the 3 P's some talk about the 4 P's…

But if you think about it, Social Media is different; with Web 2.0 it is no longer a monologue, it's now a dialogue, so there really are more than just a handful P's in Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

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