A Whole Lot of Like: What Facebook’s “Like” Button Can do For Hospitality Brands

PARSIPPANY, NJ , May 24, 2010 – In April, Facebook debuted their new-and-improved “Like” button, allowing users to more easily connect with brands, services, and products across the Web. The old Facebook “Like” function allowed users to connect only within their Facebook networks. For example, if someone posted any content, their network of friends could click a button if they enjoyed the content. The new “Like” button takes this group-excitement principle a step further by letting Facebook users click “Like” buttons on third-party websites. The user’s Facebook profile will then be connected with the company’s Facebook page. The third-party “Like” button isn’t a one-time connection; it’s an open channel—like adding a new friend—that allows the third-party to update the user’s News Feed with news, offers, links, or photos. For those in the hospitality industry, this means you can offer discounted rates, room photos, or special offers directly to people who are already interested in your services. This represents a truly specific and personal style of advertising with a correspondingly higher ROI.

via lodginginteractive.com

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