American Airlines: An Example of Swift Social Customer Care in the Travel Industry

How the airline and others in the industry are using Twitter to respond to customers and followers.

As the world focuses on recent news events involving air travel and airlines, the air industry has needed to determine a way to respond quickly to inquiries from customers, news outlets as well as the public at large.

American Airlines has figured out how to do it right. Just take a look at their Twitter response times as shared in a recent Wall Street Journal article:

Twitter Response Times by Airline


Image Source: Wall Street Journal

The hospitality industry should take a cue from its travel industry counterparts and incorporate this type of social customer service into their operations. Hospitality customers are looking to social media channels like Twitter more and more as a place to reach out to properties to ask questions, get help or vent their frustrations.

Monitoring social channels 24/7/365 for these messages and responding quickly is essential for retaining customers, preempt potentially negative reviews and staying in control of your online reputation.

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