#AskDJV Episode 30: 3 Tips on avoiding Negative Hotel Reviews

It’s inevitable.  Every hotel is going to have negative reviews at one time or another.  In Episode 30 of #AskDJV, we discuss what you can do to minimize negative hotel reviews.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #1

Be Pro-active.  There are many times a guest will be staying at your hotel and it takes 2-4 hours for someone from the property to even send an acknowledgement to them.  You want to prevent your guest from going to social media marketing channels such as Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor or another OTA and posting a negative comment or hotel review.  Speed is of the essence when it comes to avoiding hotel reviews.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #2

Own the problem or complaint – even if it isn’t your department.  Whether the complaint belongs to you or not, own it, take responsibility for it and try to turn a guest complaint into a positive hotel review.  Don’t blame someone else or look for the “easy” way out of the situation.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #3

Restore confidence and goodwill with your hotel guests.  Remember, to put yourself in your guests’ shoes.  If you were staying at a hotel and someone promptly attended to your issue with a positive attitude, wouldn’t you be more likely to write a positive review about your experience?

Sometimes, all it takes to avoid negative hotel reviews is to be attentive and caring when responding to guest complaints.  Learn more about what you can do to avoid negative hotel reviews today.

Thanks for watching. Until next week!