#AskDJV – Episode 32: What you should know about Organic Hotel SEO

Hotel SEO

In this weeks’ episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses the importance of Hotel Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Organic Hotel SEO

Organic Hotel SEO helps you be found in the search engines. Not only for your brand name, but the amenities found in your hotel, the location, types of cuisine, your meetings, events and more. When you talk about hotel seo, you need to dive deeper into what makes your hotel stand out from your competitors. You need to emphasize what makes you unique.

Quality Content

Organic SEO is all about providing quality content to the search engines, but providing that content and writing that content for consumers, not the search engines. In this section, DJ goes into detail about how you can write content that is important to your hotel guests and how the search engines see your content.

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