#AskDJV – Episode 33: ROI vs. ROE

In this week’s episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses your Return on Investment (ROI) vs. your Return on Engagement (ROE) when it comes to social media marketing and what you should expect from your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

This may sound obvious, but not everyone realizes that social media marketing is all about being “social”.   What types of posts do you write on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In? Are people responding to them or are you broadcasting to yourself? Are you gathering followers on a regular basis? Are you following others?

Long Term Relationships

Social Media is all about creating long term relationships. DJ goes into great detail about how to create engaging conversations and viral posts so your readers will share what is going on, instead of just listening to your elevator pitch. Talk to your followers, ask them what they think about your products or services. Speak to them the way you would at a cocktail party. Whatever you do, don’t be the person who runs around asking, “Do you like me?” “Please like me.”   Begging for people to like you isn’t any more becoming online as it is face to face.

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