#AskDJV Episode 52: Live Chat

#AskDJV Episode 52 talks about Live Chat and how it can help the customer service efforts of your hotels.  Learn how managed live chat can be attained for your hotel at affordable prices while bringing an old technology to the forefront.  Get Live Chat for hotels today.

Video Transcript:

Live Chat for Hotels


Hello Everybody and Welcome to the #AskDJV Show, I’m DJ Vallauri and thank you so much for joining me this week.


This is Episode 52 so I’m super pumped because we’ve been putting out these videos for over a year.

On this week’s show, I’d like to talk about how Customer Service is really becoming a marketing advantage and marketing differentiator for hotels who do it right.  Think about the Ritz Carlton hotel company.  You think about Ritz Carlton and you know you’re going to get great service, right? You just know it.

If you stay at a Ritz Carlton, and you stay at a JW Marriott or Mandarin Oriental or St. Regis or Four Seasons, they are all great facilities, they have great rooms, great accommodations, they are all lavishly appointed, but where the Ritz Carlton hotel company does it right is when they provide their level of service.  If a customer has an issue, each employee has the ability to spend up to $2,000 on the spot to solve that customer’s issue.  They can spend that money without having to get his or her management approval.  That’s key.  That’s what makes Ritz Carlton above and beyond when it comes to customer service in our industry.

As consumers, we have high speed internet access on our phones.  Our phones are with us nearly 24/7, right.  When we have a question of the hotel, we are always forced to call.  As you know, sometimes the hotels don’t answer the telephone promptly, which causes us to call the hotel numerous times.

Why put your guests through that, when you can solve and provide great customer service, solve the issues they might have right on the spot in real time.  I’m going to tell you how to do that.

Customer Service begins the first time that consumer engages with your hotel brand online and on your website.  Every hotel should have installed on their website a push to chat, also known as a live chat function.

Whenever we have a question online, we see that “let me help you” “chat with me now”, we click on that and ask a question.

The same thing needs to apply to the hotel industry.  The technology is there, consumers have been using it for ten years, we all know how to use live chat, there’s no learning curve whatsoever.

That’s where the marketing advantage comes in.  Now our firm, Lodging Interactive actually has a live chat fully managed service and we provide live chat to many, many hotels.  With our own people in the United States, we put the technology on your website and we provide live chat service support for the hotel industry seven days a week.

So, we can provide that service for you if you can’t do it yourself and we can do so in a cost-effective manner. Live Chat provides your hotel with a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace.

So, if you have any questions, I welcome them.  Please email me at dj@lodginginteractive.com.  And as always please make sure you follow us by clicking on the subscribe button down below on YouTube to make sure you get weekly announcements of these videos.

Thanks again for joining us this week and we hope to see you next week.