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Hotel ABC’s of Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is an ever evolving form of digital advertising that has proven to provide great results if you plan well, monitor your campaigns and spend the appropriate budget each month.  It is an especially popular form of advertising for the travel industry.  Hotels, in particular can benefit greatly from paid ads, as it gets you […]

Account Management Principles From Our Director

The key to successful account management is great organization, time management, and good listening skills.  Managing multiple accounts can be a daunting task if you do not have the tools in place to keep your responsibilities in check.  Some of the questions you may ask yourself in planning out your tasks may be, what does […]

Mobile Website Essentials

Having a mobile website is essential for your hotel, but what are the essentials of a mobile website? With the continuous increase of mobile users, it’s important that your website be mobile-friendly. We’re seeing more and more customers who try to access a site that isn’t mobile friendly, getting frustrated with the lack of ease in searching the […]

Effective Planning For The Holiday Season

 With Thanksgiving approaching, the holiday season is in full swing.  That means people are making their holiday plans with family and friends.  As we all know,  many holiday plans include travel and hotel stays.  In addition, some folks may travel because of holiday events occurring at certain destinations or even holiday events  hosted by hotels, […]

How to Approach a Website Design or Redesign

Once you have made the decision to design a new website or redesign your current website, there are a number of things you need to consider.  Perhaps,  the very first question you should ask is, why are you designing or redesigning your website? Is it because your goals are not being met?  Does your  current […]

Effective Pay Per Click Advertising

 Pay per click advertising is an ideal way to drive traffic to your website.  Many hotels take advantage of this opportunity in the hopes of increasing their  online revenue.  There is a lot to consider before entering the pay per click arena.  First and foremost, you need to determine what your monthly budget  will be […]