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Hotel Booking Tracking Issues

What happens when a web developer doesn’t implement your e-commerce tracking code properly? Your hotel booking engine is vital to your online success.  We all know the importance of data but what is even more important is that the data you are tracking is correct. Your success hinges on not only the figures in your account but […]

Why Hotels Should Choose Google AdWords & Bing Certified PPC Partners

        Hotels using Certified PPC Partners such as Google AdWords & Bing Ads can reach new guests in a targeted way and promote direct bookings. Hotel paid search marketing can sometimes be tricky and especially challenging when setting up PPC campaigns in Google AdWords. If not set-up correctly, your hotel may end […]

Google’s New Commission Program Is “Cannibalizing” The Direct To Hotel Booking Channel

Google rolled out a beta Google Hotel Ads Commission Program in June 2015 as mentioned in a previously published Lodging Interactive blog. On September 22nd 2015 Google announced a few more changes to this program, making it available to a broader range of hotels and added, what we believe are, serious business implications for hoteliers […]

Facebook Ads: Your Do-It-All Sales Solution? Think Again…

Don’t get the ROI of Facebook Ads confused with the effort to develop a content rich page where your hotel engages with fans. Want the payoff? Do the hard work. Facebook Ads: Do They Work? Facebook, still the first choice of social media platforms by the vast majority, is considered a king of social media. It is […]