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The Distribution Dilemma – New distribution channels are emerging seemingly every day. But are they relevant and do you need to be there? Here’s your answer.

Yes, it’s come down to this. Distribute or die. OK, so that may be a little dramatic but no one care argue the fact that consumers are seeking to book hotel rooms through new and emerging channels. And hoteliers that aren’t in a space the guest is in when he or she finally makes that […]

How to Get the Best Out of Your Online Social Networking

"New resources are created and new things are invented on the internet and people/smart businesses utilize them to make millions of dollars online. There was a time when everyone was talking about making millions using mini sites. Now, social networking is something that is helping people generate more sales than they had ever imagined before. […]

It’s FREE! It’s Powerful! Listen Up! Lodging Interactive’s HotelCast 2.0 – A Hospitality Marketing Podcast Powerhouse

Lodging Interactive’s HotelCast 2.0 – keeping you “in the know” and “in the now” on industry and consumer online marketing trends with our latest podcast. With many years of podcast resources online via our website, you'll find a wealth of helpful hints, tips and up to date information to keep your finger on the pulse […]

World Cup 2010 breaks records on Twitter but are the Tweets worth reading? Are your Hotel’s Tweets worth reading?

Being a huge World Cup follower, I decided to do some research on the World Cup's impact on the web. According to Akamai's Net Usage Index, the game between USA vs Algeria on Wednesday saw a traffic spike to 11.2 million visitors per minute during the Landon Donovan goal in the 91st minute. It moved […]

Every hotel wants positive Trip Advisor reviews but is your hotel really listening?

Trip Advisor is a main source for many travelers in their decision process of selecting a hotel. These potential guests are visiting the site to read about past guest experiences and a general "feel" of other people's opinion about your hotel. Of course every hotel hopes that the reviews will all be positive but we […]