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Conversational Marketing is Real

Conversational marketing is the newest twist to reaching consumers where they are most receptive to your message.  But, the difference is that the consumer is in control.  It is not the usual in your face message about your hotel’s services, location or special price, not even that great weekend getaway. Conversational marketing is what it […]


SEO Vs. PPC: The Heavyweight Battle Of Internet Marketing Posted January 26th, 2007 by Pablo Palatnik So, you’re asking yourself the question online marketers are asking themselves today. Where should I spend most of my time, money, and efforts — SEO or PPC? The battle has begun. The conflict begins with too many choices. It’s […]

Marketing Budget ’07

OK, the holidays are coming to a close and its time to review the 2007 budget.  Do you just repeat last year’s expenses?  Have you considered exactly where your business came from last year.  Did you think about new market segments?  Alright, you’ve done your homework and your marketing funds are committed. Just for the […]


As some companies dive in, most are skeptical By Matt KempnerThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 10/08/06 A Decatur Georgia potato chip company did it. But things went askew and it stopped. An intellectual-property attorney from Atlanta still does it, and thousands apparently read his postings. Georgia-based Internet service provider EarthLink does it, but the company doesnt […]

What makes a Sale Profitable

The price, of course, determines your profit, but the price depends on number one your relevant costs and demand for what you are selling!  You create demand through successful marketing!  In our industry, hospitality, the perception of what a branded hotel has to offer has a value because you must adhere to certain service and […]

Location, Location, Location

If location is so important to a hotel or resort, and it is, why aren’t web site maps and location highlights more prevalent? The proximity of the hotel to local attractions can certainly affect whether any web site shopper books or not. The location page should provide a variety of very important information, including mapped […]

Keeping Up with Trends

This is not intended to promote Lodging Interactive, but it does appear Lodging Interactive is responding to the newest Internet marketing trends faster and more effectively than companies offering similar services. Lodging Interactive "Comment Cards" is intended to capitalize on the trend by hotel guests to provide reviews and comments about your hotel online as […]