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#AskDJV Episode 31: Hotels can learn from Apple Customer Service

This week’s #AskDJV Episode 31 is a bit unconventional in the fact that DJ Vallauri talks about his recent customer service experience with Apple Computers.  How does this relate to the hospitality industry, you might wonder?  Read on for more insights into customer service.   Hotel Customer Service Recently, DJ went into the Apple computer […]

#AskDJV Episode 29: Hotel Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing

Are you a hotel sales manager?  Have you ever wondered how to capitalize on your online digital marketing efforts with your offline marketing campaigns?  In this week’s episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses what you can do to integrate your hotel social media marketing with your offline marketing efforts. Hotel Social Media Marketing How do […]

Facebook Organic Reach Drop + Page Redesign = Push for Advertising?

It’s that time of year again when Facebook puts out major changes to their business pages. This year, they announced a redesign of the Pages, Newsfeed and Events pages. This redesign seems to lead businesses to purchase advertising based on the following 2 points. 1) Facebook Organic Reach Drop 2) Re-positioning Apps on a Facebook Business Page […]