Bing Adds International Hotel Bookings to Search Engine Results

An Search Engine update from our SEO Manager, Mary Jo Caruso.

Bing and TripAdvisor bring International Hotel Bookings to Search Results

Last week, Bing announced their new booking engine in conjunction with TripAdvisor.  They are currently serving 22 countries in 14 languages.

Begin your search for a hotel on Bing.  We used Fitzpatrick hotel NYC.  

Bing and TripAdvisor Screenshot

How do Bing’s new listings affect my Hotel?

As you can see from the above image, the hotel Search Engine Results are on the left and “Snapshot” information about the hotel is on the right. The snapshot information allows guests to book a room right from this page or view your TripAdvisor reviews, without having to visit your actual website. Ultimately, this may lower your overall Sessions or Visits, but increase your hotel bookings.

Look at the below image for greater detail of the Snapshot view:

Bing and TripAdvisor Snapshot View

The hotel name, is shown, along with directions & a link directly to the website. From here, you can check availability, find rates, & see the most recent TripAdvisor reviews at your fingertips. If you want more information, you can click on the TripAdvisor link. There is also a section to view hotel photos.

How will TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews affect my rankings?

Hotels that have been avoiding getting reviews from TripAdvisor should think twice about this now that Bing has adopted them into their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Since they are now incorporated into Bing’s Mobile Results as well, this is going to be something that hotels want to capitalize on in 2015. Learn more about social media customer service and how it will affect your hotel marketing today.