Hotels Check Out E-Comment Cards

Online comment cards are coming!!  While the major brands have been deploying online comment cards for many years, indpendent hotel websites have yet to catch on.  There is no better way to capture your guests’ feedback and comments than an online comment card.  It’s direct to the guest, personal and all measurable via database techniques so you can implement operational improvements where needed.

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Keeping Up with Trends

This is not intended to promote Lodging Interactive, but it does appear Lodging Interactive is responding to the newest Internet marketing trends faster and more effectively than companies offering similar services.

Lodging Interactive "Comment Cards" is intended to capitalize on the trend by hotel guests to provide reviews and comments about your hotel online as opposed to written comment cards.

Lodging Interactive "SEO Press Release" enables more inbound links to your website adding search ranking weight to your website.

Lodging Interactive "hotelMASHUP" turns your attractions page into an effective marketing page on your website by relating your hotel’s location to where the traveler is going and seeking a hotel near their destination.

Lodging Interactive opened the Internet Marketing Club (IMC) to provide Hoteliers with their own online community to exchange ideas, learn about new trends and keep up with new opportunities.

Internet marketing techniques and opportunities continue to grow at an ever increasing pace online.  This company is responding the each proven trend and opportunity with new innovative services.

Travel is #1 in Internet Sales

Here are the latest stats on Internet sales.  Travel is the leading online service.  What do you do to promote your service or product online?  Let me know . . .

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with using the Internet, and that has led to rising retail sales online. Online sales will top $200 billion this year, up 20 percent from 2005, according to the National Retail Federation’s online division, That’s nearly double what online sales were just three years ago.

Online sales are projected to be $211.4 billion in 2006 vs. $176.4 billion in 2005.

"This is the real growth engine for the retail industry overall," says Scott Silverman, executive director of Retail sales are growing 3 percent a year, vs. double-digit growth online.

The rate of growth is slowing somewhat, however. Sales jumped 51 percent in 2003 from 2002, 24 percent in 2004 and 25 percent in 2005.

Travel is by far the largest type of product bought online, making up nearly one-third of all online purchases, according to the survey of 174 online retailers. Online travel sales hit $62.8 billion in 2005 and are projected to rise an additional 17 percent in 2006.

Buying computer hardware and software online is No.2, and buying autos and auto parts online is No.3. Nearly half (44 percent) of all computers and software sold are sold online, according to the survey.

"Consumer comfort and familiarity with the Internet has been a hurdle to growth in the past," Silverman says. "But people are used to the Internet now, for e-mail and doing research. If you aren’t in that game (as a retailer), you’re at a huge disadvantage."

Website Content is STILL KING

Yes, website content is still King believe it or not.  The more "value added" content you provide to your online visitors the greater the chances you have of converting that shopper into a booker.  While this seems like common sense thinking to most of us, we still see many, many hoteliers who still don’t "get it."

Here is a link to an interesting article about website content as it relates to our hospitality industry.  Enjoy.

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We’re So Excited About Our Interactive Maps!

We’re so excited about our new Interactive Mapping Services for hotels (hotelMASHUPS)!  What a great way to add value to your existing website in an economical way.  Simply put, our hotelMASHUPS service takes Google maps and overlays information which is vital to your online shoppers:

  • Corporate office locations
  • Airports & train stations
  • Local attractions
  • Theme parks
  • Golf courses
  • Theaters
  • Shopping Centers
  • More…

hotelMASHUPS also creates an opportunity for your hotel to create it’s own affiliate network.  Now you can partner with a local attraction and place them on your interactive map in exchange for a link to your site from their site! 

Plus all our interactive maps are search engine optimized to help increase your search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other engines.

Please contact Richard Walsh, our Vice President of Business Development for more information.  He can be reached at

So MASH IT UP!  Click here to see a sample.

Three Steps to An Internet Plan

Step One – Analyze your website or research creating a one if you don’t have one. In the hotel industry, the big question facing the brand hotels, who comprise 70% of all hotels in North America, is whether or not to invest in a Vanity Website. The brand website is supposed to solve their Internet marketing issues and deliver a positive ROI.

The problem with this thinking is that the majority of shoppers search for a hotel or resort based on location and price, not the brand name. To find a hotel based on anything other than brand name requires the shopper go to a 3rd party vendor like or to a search engine. The more shoppers you can attract through the search engines the better your yield per guest. Your website is your point of sale. It is the lobby of your hotel and your Internet booking link or engine is your front desk. Keep the lobby clean and the front desk open.

Step Two – Figure out who is really your market; business, leisure, group, meetings, seniors/AARP, AAA, government per diem, transient. Know how that market books; via travel agents, corporate travel system; what Internet channels or by phone.

Now, what is your value proposition for your major markets? I think you can assume, since the Internet affects more than half of all hotel bookings, that an Internet plan will affect your success. So what is your value proposition and how do you target your top three market segments online? What Internet tools and services enable you to target your guest segments? Don’t worry about the cost of these services yet, that is a budget issue. What is the benefit or value of your hotel or resort? If your audience is upscale you want to be linked to or advertising on upscale sites; golf, tennis, weddings or local events. If your hotel or resort’s value is location that is what you advertise and especially optimize on the search engines. And, make sure your optimization is about your location in as many ways as possible.

Step Three – Now that you have your Internet marketing wish list with monthly and annual costs you need to calculate what percentage these costs represent of last year’s REVPAR. What percentage of your room sales comes from the Internet? With no increase over last year what percentage of your revenue will go for marketing, then what percent of that will go for Internet marketing. If your average occupancy is 70% and your total marketing budget is $200,000 and 25% of your occupancy currently comes from Internet channels and you goal for the year is to grow your overall occupancy while increasing the share of Internet sales at a higher ROI per room night, you need to take these three steps. As you create develop your budget for advertising channels, link affiliation, search optimization, new website features, web pages directing shoppers to your brand pages and online affiliations, you make sure each of these costs are accountable and measured each month. That is why it is a budget, it will change and you need to change quickly. Raising it when a marketing method works and shifting funds when something is not working. If the service requires a one year contract make damn sure you are getting reports to show its success and if you are not sure try phasing the service in with a low end service to see how it will work for you.

Once you have taken your steps; your lobby is beautiful, your front desk and cash register are operating and you know what expenses and income to expect sit back and hope the economy and world situation stays the same at least for the next year.

Are we ready for PRE PAID Hotel Bookings

Recently, Air Canada launched the ability for passengers to buy pre-paid travel passes in advance for future travel on the carrier.  Their plan allows consumers to buy a set number of flights for a fixed price.  The intent of course is to take their loyalty program to the next level.  Think about this, IBM prepaying for 1,000 flights in order to gain a financial discount.  This is good for IBM as well as ensures loyalty for Air Canada.

Now think about how this can effect the lodging industry!  Would you offer your best corporate clients the ability to buy – upfront – a set number of room nights for future stays.  Great for building guest loyalty!

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Search Engine Marketing Cost Management

"Internet use as a means to research and to book travel will continue
to trend-up as technology and users become more sophisticated.
Competition will increase and companies that are able to invest in
travel research and booking feature improvements, targeted promotions
and robust CRM programs will reap the greatest benefits." This
statement is an extract from a report provided by the company; Research
and Markets. This same report projects that 30% of all travel bookings
originate on the Internet.

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Search Engine Marketing Competitive Analysis Methods

One of the best ways in which to propel your own search engine
marketing (SEM) program is to spend your time properly researching what
your competitive set might be doing with SEM. While there are many ways
to evaluate your competitive landscape, we have amassed a few tools to
help you get on your way. These tools will provide insight into how
well your competitive set is positioned and how to beat them by being
smarter about SEM.

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The Value of Search Engine Marketing

Research indicates that there are over 68 million Americans online
every day. These Internet users access search engines an average of 550
million times per day to find what they’re looking for online. Whether
it’s looking for electronics, researching recipes or searching for that
special hotel room, most of the searches happen on only a handful of
search engines. Sure we all have our favorite search engines but most
of us are searching on one or more of the five major search engines:
Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Ask Jeeves. In fact, to put this into
perspective, Google handled over two billion unique searches in July
2005, while Yahoo processed just over 1 billion unique searches.the
numbers are staggering.

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