Website Content is STILL KING

Yes, website content is still King believe it or not.  The more "value added" content you provide to your online visitors the greater the chances you have of converting that shopper into a booker.  While this seems like common sense thinking to most of us, we still see many, many hoteliers who still don’t "get it."

Here is a link to an interesting article about website content as it relates to our hospitality industry.  Enjoy.

Click here to read article.

We’re So Excited About Our Interactive Maps!

We’re so excited about our new Interactive Mapping Services for hotels (hotelMASHUPS)!  What a great way to add value to your existing website in an economical way.  Simply put, our hotelMASHUPS service takes Google maps and overlays information which is vital to your online shoppers:

  • Corporate office locations
  • Airports & train stations
  • Local attractions
  • Theme parks
  • Golf courses
  • Theaters
  • Shopping Centers
  • More…

hotelMASHUPS also creates an opportunity for your hotel to create it’s own affiliate network.  Now you can partner with a local attraction and place them on your interactive map in exchange for a link to your site from their site! 

Plus all our interactive maps are search engine optimized to help increase your search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other engines.

Please contact Richard Walsh, our Vice President of Business Development for more information.  He can be reached at

So MASH IT UP!  Click here to see a sample.