#AskDJV Video Episode 43: How to Create Content for your Hotel

We all know content is king, but how can hotels create appropriate social media content?  It’s all about authentic storytelling.  No one wants to consume content created by the hotel’s public relations department. Make it transparent and experiential.

Think link a content company and create a content calendar.  Brainstorm with your team and create a content calendar to keep it all organized.  Need help with this, give us call and we can walk you through how to set up your own content calendar.

Watch the #AskDJV video below for tips on creating hotel content.



Free Webinar: How to Create Video Content Through Live Streaming

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Learn to live stream with Periscope and create viral content for your hotel.

#AskDJV – Episode 35: 5 Video Content Secrets for Hotels

Hotel Video Marketing

Do you wonder how to use hotel video marketing without spending a fortune?  Can your hotel create great video content?  What tools should you use to create videos for your hotels?  How often should you create hotel videos? These questions and more are answered in Episode 35 of #AskDJV.

YouTube Marketing

There are more searches on YouTube every day than there are on Bing and Yahoo!, so it’s important that your hotel leverages this important platform and has video content created and posted up on YouTube.   Using DJ’s techniques in the video, after a short time, you will accumulate a significant video library, increasing your hotel’s chances of garnering market share, while ranking well in the search engines.

Don’t underestimate this powerful tool or lose out on hotel guests because you think you can’t afford video marketing.  Learn how to do it yourself this week on the #AskDJV Video Series.