Click, Click, Click – FRAUD!

With click fraud reaching over 14% in Q2 (source Click Forensic, LLC) it’s no wonder Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly popular.  Click fraud is defined by as follows:

Click fraud is an illegal practice that occurs when individuals click on Web site click through
advertisements (either or paid text links) to increase the payable
number of click throughs to the advertiser. The illegal clicks could
either be performed by having a person manually click the advertising hyperlinks or by using automated software or Online bots
that are programmed to click these banner ads and pay per click text ad
links. Research has indicated that click fraud is perpetrated by
individuals who use click fraud to increase their own personal banner
ad revenues and also by companies who use click fraud as a way to
deplete a competitor’s advertising budget.

Here is anm interesting article supporting the rise of click fraud wihtin the pay-per-click industry.

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