Conversational Marketing is Real

Conversational marketing is the newest twist to reaching consumers where they are most receptive to your message.  But, the difference is that the consumer is in control.  It is not the usual in your face message about your hotel’s services, location or special price, not even that great weekend getaway.

Conversational marketing is what it infers, you are responding to a comment about your hotel or services with a proactive statement and a reference to why the consumer or others might consider your hotel again.  Or, if you are posting an initial comment about your services, remember you message is a one-on-one dialog.  Make it informative, brief and relevant.

For those of you who are still skeptical about the value of social media and conversational marketing.  Here is an article that may be of interest, click HERE

Is my message a commercial one?  Of course, because my company Lodging Interactive helps hospitality companies and hotels build their business through search engine marketing and social media.

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