Demystifying the Concept of Renting Your Website Versus Buying Your Website

I often hear of hoteliers deciding to “rent” their website versus paying a developer or agency to create a site. Most of the time hoteliers are presented a slick sales pitch for why “renting” a template-based website is in the hotelier’s best interest. This is so far from the truth that I want to clarify for those who might still be confused about “renting” versus buying.

Website Design Based on Prefabricated Templates

Your hotel is unique. Your service is unique. These are items that separate you from your competitive set. Why would anyone think that your website shouldn’t be unique as well; uniquely emphasizing your points of differentiation? Yet the “rental” sales rep assures you that having your hotel website look like hundreds (thousands?) is ok and the new way to design websites. Really?

Proprietary CMS Provides Ultimate Control

This is truly laughable. Having a proprietary Content Management System only assures you will never have control of your website. Remember your website ONLY works with the back end CMS. If one day you decide to leave this vendor, your website CMS cannot go with you. At that point your website is rendered useless and all the costs you sunk into it are for naught. Always select an open source platform CMS such as WordPress. Open source CMS platforms ensure any agency can operate your website in the future. If you’d like to test what I’m saying, ask the “rental” agent who owns the digital assets that make up your website? Watch out for the fancy footwork on this one.

Renting Your Website is the Lowest Cost Solution

This, in fact, may be true as startup costs are minimal, usually a few hundred dollars. After all you’re just selecting your website from prefabricated templates remember. Ongoing, you only pay a small “rental” fee and you’re good to go. But any smart hotelier will know that you get what you pay for in life; there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. So ask yourself, or better yet the “rental” agent, considering the low monthly fee how much time will be spent on marketing and identifying ways to drive business to your website? The answer is clear to me, not much time as no business can stay in business if it’s not making money. Time is money.

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