Digital Marketing Success: Balancing People + Metrics

Number of page views, conversion and impression rates, unique sessions and engagements, landing and exit pages, errors, ROI – and on and on and on – you get the drift. Measurables!

When it comes to digital marketing in the hotel industry, we have created a need to measure every bit of data that we can gather. The pressure to make the information quantifiable is at the forefront of every marketing decision. It has become the basis upon which most digital marketers will decide where it is best to invest their marketing dollars.

Something that is usable and quantifiable is real. Hotels can use these metrics to make decisions about whether or not their digital marketing campaigns have been successful, right? Well, not exactly. Data doesn’t provide the whole story of your hotel’s digital marketing health.

While there is no doubt that metrics can help you align your hotel’s digital marketing plans, what brings your hotel to the point of profitability does not completely rely on metrics. It’s about people – pure and simple – your guests, your followers, your brand champions and their experiences at your hotel.

But it seems the delicate balance between metrics and the people that give those metrics value has tipped in favor of the numbers themselves. So like anything that gets thrown off balance, if you only consider metrics for your hotel’s reputation and fiscal survival, then your hotel runs the risk of becoming just another hotel looking for that sale to add to their coffers.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data and statistics but you can’t lose sight that people and their experiences with your hotel make the numbers magic happen. Hotels need to tip back the scale so that it comes to a balanced and image-healthy view of your hotel. You can always get that initial booking and look great on paper but you can’t have a successful digital marketing campaign without consistent bookings. It is the guest experience that maintains your hotel’s reputation and keeps those bookings coming. Profits will then naturally follow and consistently grow.

Know your objectives. Know your audience. Keep it human. Tell your story. Create unforgettable memories. Build a loyal following and foster brand advocates. See the scale balancing yet?