Don’t Sue Over Keywords

When it comes to trademark protection, don’t sue over keywords. Eric
Goldman, who follows search and related tech cases closely, says "it’s
often irrational to bring lawsuits over keywords." Not to mention the
waste of time and money, too.

Yesterday, one of the better-known cases was settled between
American Blind & Wallpaper Factory and Google. American Blind
wanted to prevent competitors from buying keywords which they had
previously trademarked. If the case had gone to trial, then it would
have been over the matter of consumer confusion.

This means there’s been no U.S. based test about trademark
protection for keywords, at least not yet. Google clearly states its
position, in its trademark policy: "Please note that we will not
disable keywords in response to a trademark complaint."

If your company owns trademarks, free and clear, then remember they
won’t be protected when advertisers want to buy them as paid links.
However if the trademarks appear in ad copy, you have recourse. Follow
the current procedures with Google or other paid search providers, to
file complaints for removal.

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