Effective Pay Per Click Advertising

Alicia Pavignano Pay per click advertising is an ideal way to drive traffic to your website.  Many hotels take advantage of this opportunity in the hopes of increasing their  online revenue.  There is a lot to consider before entering the pay per click arena.  First and foremost, you need to determine what your monthly budget  will be and once you do that you can calculate what you have to spend daily.  You need to consider the market of your hotel, as well as what type of  clientele you are seeking  to help determine how much you need to spend.  For example, New York City will be a highly competitive market with higher    costs per click, compared to a market like Scranton, Pennsylvania.  So, where your hotel is located will play a significant role in deciding the type of  budget you will need to get the placement you want with your PPC ads. Ideally, you want to see your ads at the top of the first page, but if you’re not budgeting correctly for your market, this will be a difficult task to accomplish.

Another aspect of pay per click advertising that some hotels do not consider, is where they are sending their customers.  It’s common practice to link PPC ads to the home page of a website, but even if you have a beautiful, eye-catching homepage, it might not be the most appropriate landing page for your ad and you might not have as great of an opportunity to hook the customer into making a reservation.  The landing page that is linked to your ad needs to make sense with  what you are advertising.  If your ad is tailored for weddings at the hotel, then send the customer to your wedding page.  If your ad is focused on meetings, then link your ad to the meetings page or better yet to a page that has meeting offer.  Even a generic ad doesn’t necessarily need to be linked to the home page.  Why not send potential guests to your specials page or a landing page crafted with a unique offer?  It’s true that customers want to see an attractive website, but they also want to see what you have to offer.

PPC is a great vehicle to help increase website traffic and room revenue, but needs to be executed correctly and also needs to be monitored.  It is not something you can set up and forget about. With accurate budgeting and appropriate landing page links, not to mention eye-catching ads, hotels can expect a nice ROI for their advertising dollars.