Lodging Interactive Rolls Out eNewsletter Service for Hotels

To complement its comprehensive set of integrated marketing and social media management services, Lodging Interactive is offering a turnkey email newsletter (“eNewsletter”) service for hotels. Lodging Interactive’s eNewsletter service is a fully managed program that includes professional copywriting, creative design, email list management, distribution and analytics reporting. 

According to recent polls, more than half of North American hotels (58 percent) are projecting marketing budget increases by at least 10 percent in 2013, and a StrongMail survey cites more than 56 percent of marketers planning to grow their email marketing budgets.

“Email marketing continues to be under utilized in our industry as hoteliers continue to juggle online marketing activities, mobile and social engagement.  Hoteliers simply don’t have the resources and copywriting skills to produce a consistent and professional monthly email newsletter,” said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder and President.  “As a result many hoteliers are opting to use generic email templates, which often look amateurish and often are ineffective.”

Using its team of skilled bloggers and copywriters, Lodging Interactive creates a dynamic monthly eNewsletter on behalf of the hotel that isn't a sales pitch. Rather, it contains content and offers that past, present and prospective guests will find informative and inviting, helping to build loyalty and revenues. The monthly eNewsletter may contain a welcome letter from the General Manager, news about happenings or points of interest in the local market, and a section that contains property offers for the month.

"Like all Internet marketing programs we offer at Lodging Interactive, this service is backed by data analytics that hoteliers can use to determine the effectiveness of their eNewsletter program," Vallauri said. "Hotel marketing managers can view analytical data related to their campaigns, from the number of eNewsletters sent and opened to the number of click-throughs on embedded links, the number of people who shared the eNewsletter with someone else, and where it was shared on the social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter.”

Lodging Interactive's eNewsletter service delivers a consistent message from the hotel to its email list. The hotel's email database is uploaded into Lodging Interactive's servers and managed on the hotel's behalf. This is the easiest and most professional way to enlist a professionally managed eMail marketing campaign that mirrors the hotel's website and brand imaging. Plus, it's being produced, distributed and managed by a team of more than 50 highly skilled online content experts who are vested in the hospitality industry.

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