Facebook Messenger and Mobile Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger is one of many messaging services offering immediate customer response. The particular features offered by each app as well as what demographic it attracts determine what content fits and which app should be used.  The main purpose of these apps is to connect people together by sending free messages, pictures and videos.

Here are some compelling stats: WeChat has grown quite popular in the Asian market and has more than 697 million monthly active users.  Snapchat has 100 million daily users and is popular with millennials though its user base is aging up. Over 16000 companies from 140 countries use LiveChat. WhatsApp has 900 million users worldwide in 109 countries and is popular in markets outside the US. Facebook Messenger has now become the most popular of all messaging services with 1 billion users.

Almost every major messaging service has grown exponentially in recent years and is dominating mobile usage. This warrants the attention of hotels in seeing the importance of having a messaging service in place on their websites and leveraging chat toward providing efficient customer service.

Hotels can provide instant guest gratification with their on-the-spot answers and, since issues are resolved on the fly during the chat session, it significantly reduces follow up time. Hotels can also provide guidance toward making the final booking all the while potential guests are navigating their websites.

It’s not just about discount programs or loyalty points. Show your guests they are important and make them feel special.  Find and use a messenger app on your website and make it all about your guest or potential guest’s happiness.  It’s the guest experience that will create your hotel’s loyal followers.