Finding Your Hotel Staff Ambassadors

Human beings are an emotional bunch: Emotions lead to a great customer experience. It’s the emotional experience that shows how well your hotel succeeds in providing great customer service. Emotions are a strong motivator that drives bookings. One thing for sure – it’s important to not just consider exchanges with hotel guests as a chance to complete a sale but an opportunity to strengthen your hotel’s connection to guests and potential guests.

Great customer service comes down to the relationships that hotel staff forms with guests and the good feelings that create unforgettable memories for guests. It’s that genuine authentic customer relationship that promises sustained growth.

This is where hotel ambassadors come to play such a vital role. They create a buzz about your hotel to their many followers. Their influence is what brings more attention to your hotel and there’s nothing like tapping into the wealth of peer-to-peer marketing!

But are you only thinking about your influencers in terms of social media champions? Well think again. It’s time to look internally and recognize the value of your own staff.  Your staff ensures a smooth consistency of your hotel’s service from online presence to the actual hotel stay experience – no empty hype. They are the face that guests remember making them feel uniquely valued, special and important.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

First impressions are lasting ones and your staff is the first to have a face-to-face exchange with guests. The last thing you want is bad customer service taking on a life of its own where guests and/or potential guests end up taking their business elsewhere. So it’s important to empower your staff so that the guest experience is pleasurable and memorable:

  • Take care of the guest issue in a timely manner. Guests want to feel that you are respectfully and quickly trying to find a resolution to their issue, whether big or small, and that their issue is as important to you as it is to them.
  • Listen and inspire empathy not apathy. Guests want to feel your caring about their concerns is sincere and that they have been heard. They need to know they matter and your attention makes them feel they are important.
  • Provide service consistency: Whether it is a guest or potential guest, staff needs to treat them both exactly the same. Your online presence should be consistent with the face-to-face interaction at your hotel. It is the best word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Be kind and have a great attitude: These will go a long way to affecting your guests and reflect back onto employee productivity. Happy employees make for happy guests. Treat your employees with kindness and respect and it will have a ripple effect toward your guests. Kindness is contagious. Pay it forward!

When staff finds harmony with hotel values that’s when you find – and keep – hard working staffers. Recognizing employees when they hit the mark on hotel goals, challenges and expectations gives them a sense of being part of the team and play a vital role in the bigger economic picture of the hotel. If your staff has an emotional stake in their job it creates loyalty to you and this in turn creates customer loyalty. So listen to your staff. They are first in the line of fire with your guests and know what guests want and need.  Make them part of the solutions you provide and don’t miss out on their invaluable feedback. So who are your hotel staff ambassadors?