Foster a Great Hotel Guest Experience with Live Chat

Which live chat feature creates greater hotel guest experiences?  The easy to use technology or the personal attention?  There could be many thought provoking analogies for both sides but at the heart of all possibilities is one common thread: The hotel guest.

Add Live Chat to your Hotel Digital Marketing Arsenal

Hoteliers should start to seriously consider adding live chat to their hotel digital marketing arsenal.  Live chat as a technology has been around for years and used extensively for online retail sites   But has it been a tried and tested technology on hotel websites?  You bet!  The familiarity of a well-known platform reduces any guest or prospective guest frustrations with things like website navigation or a non-responsive hotel phone line. The easier the interaction, the more pleased the hotel guests. The more pleased the hotel guests, the more chances of having them book their hotel stay directly through your hotel website.

Helping Travelers on their Journey

From the human perspective, who wouldn’t want to deal with less frustration and get a bit of personal attention? Live chat agents would be present in the moment that the hotel website visitor is searching for answers.

Top Reasons Hotel Guests use Live Chat:

  • Information on Hotel Rooms & Sizes
  • Seeking hotel activity offerings
  • Requesting wedding information
  • Meeting Planning
  • Wanting to know about area attractions

Hotel guests appreciate your short response time as they go through their travel journey searches. This all gives the hotel a chance to build relationships on a personal level, creating an unforgettable guest experience and motivating guests toward making direct bookings for rooms, meetings or events.

Impacting Hotel Micro Moments

Putting the guest experience first and foremost gives an advantage to hotels. It’s what impacts hotel micro moments.  Whereas OTA’s have little to do with the overall guest experience, hotels who use live chat can engage visitors on a personal level.  Live chat would be there on your hotel website prepared to address all interactions – the first line to the customer service experience. This will increase opportunities to gain customer loyalty and repeat business as well as creating chances to up-sell.

In the end, lessening a potential guest’s frustrations and being present in the moment a visitor seeks out information, clarification or direction is how live chat creates memorable hotel guest experiences.  The easier it is to conduct a transaction, the less frustrated the visitor, the better the guest experience. So make hotel guest experiences your focal point with live chat.