Lodging Interactive Offers 5 Tips to Making Web Strategies Fresh

If visitors to your website are receiving stale information from random search engines, Google's new "Freshness Update" (which effects how the popular search engine brings up results for searches) may be your hotel's new best friend. Lodging Interactive, an award winning interactive and social media marketing agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, is offering five simple strategies that hotels can incorporate into their online marketing plan that will make it easier to obtain or maintain a high Google status. By using these strategies and publishing accurate and entertaining date-stamped material, hotels will increase their Google ranking and be at the top of a user’s search results.

"Just because a hotel updates or makes corrections to its webpage doesn't automatically increase its freshness value," said D.J. Vallauri, Lodging Interactive President and CEO. "Google determines the freshness the first time it crawled the page. The goal of Freshness Update is to deliver the most recent or current information to users when they enter a query. It does this by searching for web pages that are time stamped, which indicates when the information or webpage was created. Sometimes web pages can be time stamped in days or even in minutes. This is crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry that covet the top spots in Google’s search results because it underlines the importance of presenting and maintaining up-to-date information on their websites."

To take advantage of Google's Freshness Update, Lodging Interactive offers five strategies to incorporate into an online marketing plan:

1. Publish more press releases
2. Create a blog for your website
3. Become familiar with popular social media
4. Get picked up by Google News
5. Contact CoMMingle by Lodging Interactive for a free social media marketing audit

For details on each of the five strategies, click to read more: https://lodginginteractive.com/press2012-Lodging-Interactive-5-Tips-To-Making-Web-Strategies-Fresh.shtml

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