Gain Visibility to Your Hotel Website by Building Local Search Links

Driving traffic to your website is always on the top of your “must do” list and, learning about your community and local businesses is the first step to gaining visibility. That is, developing connections to your local community gives you credibility within your city and through local search links you boost your credibility with viewers outside your community.


According to a recent Moz survey, building links with local businesses is the way to help you gain visibility.  Also, in the aftermath of Google Pigeon’s algorithm changes that determine local search rankings, building local links is more important than ever. It’s a time consuming process but well worth the effort given your goal is to gain search visibility that resonates with viewers outside your city.


So how do you get local social and business links to your content? It’s all about networking to increase local contacts, create valid content and social mentions. For example, you can look for active groups in your area through You can sponsor a local sports team. You can host a community event that invites the entire town or city.  You can enter local award programs to which you are eligible. The possibilities are endless and you can be creative in finding one that best suits your hotel and budget.


Once you are noticed by your community you can start to build your local links and, in the end, the more local links, the more you optimize the search experience for the outside community and increase traffic to your website.