Google maps has some interesting pop ups

We’ll admit from the start: this change will not revolutionize the world. It probably won’t even bring a single new person to Google Maps. Still, a nice little interface tweak’s been made insofar as Google Maps now displays business info when users hover over any points of interest.

Try not to think of this as saving anyone a single click. The change will matter most when people would otherwise be clicking all over the place, trying to find out more about 10, 15, or 20 different businesses scattered across a map (think restaurants, or maybe coffee shops).

Google was careful to take into account the times the times that businesses aren’t scattered, too; no one will have to repeatedly zoom and re-center a map in order to separate out a pile of similar companies.

Zoom in
Instead, as Michael Bürge wrote on the LatLong Blog, “When hovering over a cluster of multiple results, a list of everything underneath the mouse pointer is shown, including the number of stars for a business listing. This makes exploring large sets of search results quicker and easier.”

Again, not earth-shattering news. Just a nice little modification that may come in time for all of the out-of-school and off-work get-togethers that family members and old friends conduct during the holiday season.

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