Google Panda 4.2 Update Begins Rollout

This past weekend Google has once again refreshed Panda, Google’s ranking algorithm, and announced they will slowly roll it out over the next few months. The purpose of the update is to improve higher quality search optimization results and increase their relevancy. This will reward quality content with higher rankings that will translate to more traffic on the sites.

According to Google, the first true update back in May 2014 affected 7.5% of the search queries. Google expects this latest refresh to affect only 2-3% in comparison to the 3-5% affected in the September 2014 refresh. But how fast this new refresh will roll out is the real question. Google advises it will rollout in the “coming months” but it is not clear on how many months it will take before it is completely part of their regular algorithm because there is no confirmed hard date.

The fact that Google has long rollouts is not news to anyone so we shouldn’t be surprised by the gradual rollout of this latest refresh. However, unlike a complete update, a gradual rollout will make it more difficult to see which sites actually make the cut as a “winner”. So the best course of action is to continue to monitor your sites for any drops or increases in traffic. Keep your ear to the ground for any of those “Panda tremors” and hope that this latest refresh becomes part of the regular algorithm sooner rather than later.