Guess Who’s Using Snapchat Now?

Picture this – 2016 – Any Town, USA – A mom and dad need to search out retirement plans. Mom and dad are avoiding call to insurance company. Mom can’t make call because she is learning how to use Snapchamp… uhh… Snapchat with her teenaged son.  This is actually a tiny snippet of a Nationwide Insurance commercial but is very telling of a shift in Snapchat’s audience.

Snapchat has 100 million daily users with 10 billion video views per day. Up until now viewers have been mostly a younger crowd between the ages of 18 to 34. Snapchat’s reach to a younger audience, lower advertising prices, addition of tracking and measurement tools as well as their ad partner program, has shown they’re serious about generating revenue.  For hotels, this app is a consideration for inclusion in their social media budgets as they try to reach out to millennials.

Now Snapchat is broadening its reach by slowly attracting an older set. While only 2% of Snapchat users were older than 35 three years ago, it has grown to 14% today. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that this shift in demographics could mean Snapchat will inevitably face some growing pains much like the ones Facebook experienced.

As more parents get into checking up on what their kids are doing, so will the older generation’s interest in the app itself. With more attention to Snapchat from parents of those millennias, so will the attention of marketers and advertisers.

Hooking onto Snapchat their young audience found a safe haven for exchanges with their peers – but oh snap! Can’t you just hear the younger audience cringe at the thought of having their parents on their beloved app? Youth is nothing short of resilient. They will happily go looking for the next best thing.