Guest Moments with Hotel Live Chat

Guest moments begin long before visitors arrive at your hotel website.  You know you want to get away for a bit but have no particular destination in mind. So you turn to your smartphone, tablet or desktop and start surfing the net looking for inspiration. You dream about sea, surf, beach view rooms, mountain cabins, good eateries, activities and spa treatments you would love to try out. Now you need to figure out the where, when and how – so many choices. Is your hotel there in the traveler’s journey to ensure their online experience moves them onto your hotel doorstep?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Couple planning vacation

When guests start their journey with no particular hotel in mind but rather searching to see what and who best fills their needs and wants – those places, hotels or activities that will realize their idea of a dream stay – your hotel should be searchable. Whether it’s at the moment a potential guest starts surfing the net, in the planning stages or during their stay, hotel marketers need to tap into those snippets of time offering the most relevant information that will capture – and hold – the traveler or guest interest.

Hotel marketers have the perfect opportunity to find ways to capitalize on these guest moments. Providing great visuals is a start as people are likely to gravitate toward what comes to them visually than something they read. But while the photos or videos will lure in the guest, live chat will provide quick answers, direction and information that will keep the traveler on your site.  At the same time it will lower overall contact center costs as live chat can handle multi-guest interactions eliminating additional hires.

Capture the Traveler with Live Chat for Hotels

Your hotel needs to capture the traveler in all steps of their decision-making. Making information easily accessible, you will speak to the guest’s needs and not miss the chance of gaining their loyalty or increasing chances of a booking. Too many steps might exasperate the inquisitive traveler who just wants quick details and live chat can help them narrow down their choices. Live chat will also create the potential to increase sales as it provides the chance to upsell by leading a guest to the correct place to reserving a room or booking a meeting.

Live chat puts a personal touch to the conversation and gives you the edge in providing the greatest customer service that guests will remember during their search moments.  You will be speaking to the guest’s needs and not miss the chance of gaining their loyalty, keep them coming back and spread the word to others.

Ensure your hotel is part of the guest’s journey today.  From visualizing that dream spot or wedding to planning to booking.  The moments of their journey become your opportunity to earn a stronger ROI.