Guest Satisfaction – February 2010 Chatter Guard Benchmark Report Is Released

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As the last full winter month drew to a close, hotel guests were beginning to warm up in their reviews. In almost ! every area, there were major improvements in hospitality rankings, a welcome change over last months mixed signals. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being “fantastic” and 1 being “poor,” the average lodger reported a 7.54% rise in Resultant Quality Score (3.58 to 3.85), a 10.76% rise in Dining (3.44 to 3.81), a 2.54% improvement in Facilities ratings (3.94 to 4.04), and a 7.37% rise in Housekeeping (3.39 to 3.64). Room scores rose 5.97% (3.52 to 3.73), while Staff improved 8.38% (3.70 to 4.01). Next to Dining, the biggest overall improvement was in the area of Value, which increased from 4.36 to 4.82, an improvement of 10.55%.

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