Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR

In a previous post on MyBlogLog tips, I had mentioned a series of social media marketing posts Online Marketing Blog
will be publishing where many of the tips will actually come from the
community they’re about. Our next post in that series is about micro
blogging phenomenon, Twitter.

At first I balked at the idea of Twittering like many others but eventually signed up (leeodden)
and have been tuned in ever since. Like blogging, there are many mis
perceptions about the productivity potential for Twitter. Those
unfamiliar will often say, What’s up with: “My flight is leaving”. “We
landed”. “Getting in cab. Etc?”. Trust me, there is a method to the MicroMedia madness as both an individual and a commercial communications tool.

Link: Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR.

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